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Peekabooz Hexing Guide


A lot of people have requested a guide for hexing, so I will do my best to explain it. Please understand I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR COMPUTER AS A RESULT OF TRYING THIS PROCESS. It can be very tricky and it's very easy to mess up your babyz program, so try this at your own risk.


First you need a hex editor. You can download the one I use here. There are others available that you can download, but most of them are "shareware" meaning you can use them for thirty or sixty days and then they expire and you can't use it anymore until you purchase it. This one is not shareware, and it's free.


Next you need to select a bitmap image of what you want your clothes to look like. They must be in a 256 color bmp. format, or it will not show up. The color will appear as gray in the game. Save this bitmap image in your clothes folder. Also, the smaller the file, the better. I always try and stay with a 35x35 size. 40x40 at the most, depending on what the design is. If you have a design with an animal or something on it, it must be as small as possible or the whole piece of clothing will be the animal.


You select what article of clothing you want to hex. Since everyone seems to choose the Amoeba Onesie as an example, I suppose we'll work with that. Make a copy of this and create a new folder called Original Clothes and put the copy in there in case you mess this up, you will still have your original piece of clothing.


Open the hex editor. Click on File, Open, and use the drop-down box to go to C, Programs, Mindscape, Babyz, Resource, Clothes, and click open Ameoba Onesie.clo.


Click on Find and in the "find what" box enter bmp. It will take to to a part of the file where bmp is highlighted. In that area on the right of the screen you will see \art\ Autobuild\ameoba.bmp. This is where you change to the bitmap you have selected. You change to \resource\clothes\ame.bmp. The "ame" is just an example. The amount of letters must stay the same. You will see when you type in resource\clothes\ instead of art\autobuild\ you only have 3 spaces remaining for the name of your bmp., not 6 as it was originally. You can call your bmp anything, as long as its the same amount of letters. DON'T FORGET TO GO BACK TO YOUR CLOTHES FOLDER AND RE-NAME YOUR BMP. TO MATCH WHAT YOU JUST TYPED IN. Just make a note of it now, because you will be going back to that file when we are done, and you can make all of the changes then.


Now look about 8 lines above this and you will see something that says [Flat Clothing]. If you are hexing a bow or hat it will say [Add Clothing]. To the left of that are a lot of numbers. You are searching for the line of numbers that looks like this: 00 00 d9 3a 00 00 03 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 5b 46 etc. etc. It is the d9 3a that you want to change. The set of numbers you are looking for will always be located right before the 00 00 03 20 string of numbers. This is the clothes closet number. Each item of clothing has a number so the program can recognize it. If you have a lot of downloaded clothes in the closet, it will make it harder to find a combination of numbers that has not already been used. Change these numbers to c8 2e or something like that. Any combination of letters and numbers you want. It must be the same combination as what is shown using letters a-f and numbers 0-9. You cannot change the d9 to 9d. The letters must be replaced by letters and the numbers must be replaced by numbers. I'm telling you this because on some articles of clothing the closet number might be ee 3a or fc 3a.


Now we need to move to the bottom of the file. Go up to Find again and Click on Find, and in the find what box, type in Aoemba Onesie (or whatever the name is of the file you are hexing). It will take you to something that looks like this, on the right side of your screen:

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyAmoeba Onesie X 0 0 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1. Change Amoeba Onesie to what you want to call your clothing and what you want it to say in the description bar in the program when you select a piece of clothing. This makes it easier if you have 10 hexed white shirts, you don't want them all to say white shirts or you will have to put each one on your baby to find out what it is. You can change this name to anything, as long as it is the same amount of letters and spaces.


Now right below that you will see 1999 P F Magic, Inc........................................................................

...................A m o e b a. . . O n e s i e . You don't have to change this unless you want to. It won't hurt anything if you leave it. It only helps identify the clothing when you have it open in a hex editor.


O.K. Now you're finished hexing the clothes. Go up to file and click "save". Exit out of the program and go to Windows Explorer, C, Programs, Mindscape, Babyz, Resource, Clothes

and rename Amoeba Onesie to whatever you want to call your new onesie -- i.e. blue onesie, pink onesie, etc remembering not to leave off the .clo at the end of the file name. Remember to change the name of your bmp. file to ame.bmp. or whaever you named in when you were hexing the file.


Now, launch the program and when you select the ameoba onesie, it should tell you on the bar at the bottom, the name of your new onesie. Put it on your baby and see how it looks. If it's gray, you forgot to make the bmp 256 color, so go back and change that. If it doesn't show up at all, you need to go back to the hex editor, open up the article of clothing, but now you will be searching for whatever you re-named it to, not Aeomba Onesie. Change the closet numbers again. Keep doing this until you find a set of numbers that works. When everything is showing up correctly, you can drag your original Aeomba Onesie from the Original Clothing file that you created back into your clothes folder and you will have 2 Aeomba Onesies in your clothes closet -- The original one and your new one.


Please do not e-mail me with additional questions. I do not have time to give personal lessons to everyone. You may not get this the first time, you just have to play with it for a while until you get it right. It took me months to figure this out. 


Good Luck!!

Peekabooz PlaypenŽ 2000-FOREVER!!