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Welcome to Bikini Bottom Babyz, a site dedicated to Babyz and Spongebob Squarepants, a cartoon show on Nickelodeon. Please feel free to browse the pages and see all of the features that we have to offer.

A big thank you goes out to Amber of VBZ for hexing me the ten outfits featured on the Amber's Hexed Collection page and the fifty some outfits on the Medieval Babyz page that were featured at Medieval Babyz when it was open.

Enjoy the new remodel. The models in the banner are my little cutie, Rachel Paige and one of my sweet little twins, Jacquelyn.

This is my cutie-pie goddaughter, Deedra. Isn't she sweet?


September 3rd, 2002: School started today, and I got tons of homework and am expecting tons more, so Bikini Bottom Babyz is going on hiatus. Everything is paused. I will not be responding to any email for the next month or so. Thank you.

August 17, 2002: It's my best friend Jacquelyn's birthday today! If you'd like to send her and her babyz a birthday greeting, click here! Posted more pageant entries- more boys, on their pages and added another success story, so please read! Mariana and Martina were adopted today, so I'll be posting more babyz in the orphanage soon!

August 14, 2002: I'm feeling lazy, so mini updates today, lol. I've been re-hooked on, so that's the cause for the lack of updates. I will try and get some more done soon. Added a bunch of new pageant entries and tons of babyz were adopted. I have some more to place up, so that will be on the next update :) Another thing, since I am feeling incredibly lazy, the Cutest Babyz pageant has been extended and had rules changed. The pageant will now end when I get 20 entries, for both boys and girls. Currently, I have twelve girls entries and three boys entries. Where are all those cute boys? Send them on in!

Thanks Amber!!!