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Hexing babyz with different bobble colors


I am going to try and explain this the best that I can, but it will be kind of hard. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your computer, babyz game, or babyz rez.dll as a result of trying to hex babyz. Try this at your own risk

 First make a copy of your babyz rez file by going into Windows Explorer and going into your C:/, Program Files, Mindscape (or Ubi Soft), Babyz, Resource folders and right clicking and dragging to make a backup copy of that file. Next, make sure that there are no babyz in your Adopted Babyz folder by going into that folder and dragging the babyz in the folder to your Grandma’s House file.

 Open up your hex editor and open up the BabyzRez.dll file. I use frhed, and you can download it here. There are others available that you can download, but most are shareware, meaning you can use them for thirty or sixty days and then they expire and you can’t use it anymore until you purchase it. This one is not shareware and it’s free.

 Once you have opened your BabyzRez.dll file, you need to do a search for which type of baby’s bobble that you would like to hex. At the bottom of the page is a link to the list of babyz that you can hex. We are going to use wg.lnz for our example. By that, I mean that we are going to hex a white girl with two ponies, as stated on the other page.



Go up to “edit,” “find” or “search” in your hex editor and type into the box that comes up on your screen wg.lnz (That’s a W, as in whale, G as in grape, L as in lion, N as in no, and Z as in zebra.) It will search through the file until it finds it and will highlight it for you.



Now scroll down in the file until you see something that looks like this:



The 46 that I have squared off is your bobble color. To change the bobble color, you will change this number, and ONLY this number. To change the number, you must consult Carolyn’s color chart. Click here to see it. We are going to change this 46, which is the normal color bobble to 70, which is a hot pink bobble. Click on the four and change it to a seven, then change the six to a zero. Do the same with the other 46. Save your BabyzRez.dll file and close your hex editor. Now make sure that there are no babyz in your Adopted Babyz folder and open your program. Type in a two pigtailed white girl’s code and watch as your newly hexed baby comes up. If your bobble color is still the normal peach color, go back through this guide and see what you did wrong. Chances are you skipped over something. Good luck and have fun.

 Here is a sample code for a white girl with two ponies, blonde hair and blue eyes. 3999-qbaa-aaak-gbd try this for your first try at hexing bobble colors.