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About Me

This is my best friend, Jacquelyn and I on the last day of school (June 6th, 2002). (I'm the tall, blonde one on the right holding Spongebob.)

Name: Lindsay

Age: Younger than I look (see picture above)

Babyz: Twin girls, named Jacquelyn Ann, after my best friend, and Joyce Cassidy. I recently adopted my goddaughter, Rachel Paige

Previous Sites: Peekabooz Playpen: I co-owned Peekabooz with my mom for a year in 2000

Lifestyles of the Small and Pampered: I owned Small and Pampered until I closed to open my new site

About in general: I am in the 7th grade in a local middle school. I am in gifted language arts and social studies and I am in the top band at my school. I hope to be involved with the school musical and on the girls basketball and volleyball teams this year!

Likes: Babyz, The Sims, and RollerCoaster Tycoon.  I have gotten good at RC Tycoon!! I also like Reading and Language Arts in school.

Dislikes: PE (who doesn't), hate mail, and conceited people who only think of themselves.


Lynda: You are so awesome! I am so lucky to have you as my Texas Grandma!

Jacquelyn: Jacqui, you are so awesome! Thanks so much for always being here for me!

Mom: Am I still a blister in the sun??

And one more shoutout to everyone who helped me get started with Small and Pampered in July of last year. I could never have done this without you!