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The Art of War,
Tactical Warfare in Miniature
Pre-gunpowder Armies

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The Art of War, Tactical Warfare in Miniature for Pre-Gunpowder Armies

  • Complete rules system; plus a Crusades mini-campaign appendix including 9 armies lists.
  • Illustrated with color photographs of miniatures.
  • Includes siege warfare rules and rules for special weapons such as elephants, chariots and pavices.
  • Standard 15mm to 40mm frontages used: no rebasing of figurines required. (Although singly-based miniatures work best, multiple-figurine bases work OK in most situations.)
  • Eight period-specific appendices listing over 160 more armies:
  • Greek & Macedonian Armies
  • Ancient Armies of the Bronze Age
  • Ancient Armies of the Iron Age
  • Ancient Roman and Italian Armies
  • Armies of the Dark Ages 500 to 1000 A. D.
  • European Medieval Armies 1000 to 1460 A. D.
  • High Medieval Mercenary Armies, the Condottieri, 1300 A. D. to 1460 A. D.
  • Chinese, Mongol, Hun & Japanese Armies
  • To view and print the combat reference sheet free, click here.