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Rachel Barton

Cedille Records All Time Top Selling Recordings featuring Rachel Barton

Rachel appears 5 times this season as part of Trio Settecento

In a rare and wonderful time in the Chicago area, the Violinist considered by many the very best in the world will appear with the Trio Settecento in performances from September 2000 to March 2001

Rachel Barton with the Trio Settecento

Rachel Bartons Fermilab Art Series January 27th, 2001 performance

Rachel Barton, internationally acclaimed violinist, top prize winner of many international competitions,best selling recording artist, has recently been named a 1999 "Chicagoan of the Year" by the ChicagoTribune!, This is the second time in less than 4 years Rachel has recieved this great honor Rachel was also Chicagoan of the year in 1996. Rachel is brilliant, gifted and absolutely fantastic, a very gifted speaker as well as a incrediable violinist, her wit and charm are part of the wonderful experience of her performances.

David Schrader is a master of the keyboards, playing harpsichord, fortepiano, organ and piano. Mr Schrader has done over 17 recordings for Cedille records of Chicago and London records. He teaches at Roosevelt University's Chicago Musical College, and the Music Institute of Chicago and is a Lecturer at Northwestern University in Evanston. Mr. Schrader has appeared in recital and performed with major orchestras throughout Japan, Europe and North America, including frequent appearances as soloist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Schrader is currently organist at Chicago's Church of the Ascension. David Schrader is a member of Trio Settecento and the Chicago Baroque Ensemble.

I had the privilege of seeing Mr Schrader in concert with Rachel Barton in Oak Park where he played the fortepiano, he makes it look so easy as all masters do.

John Mark Rozendaal plays the baroque cello, viola da gamba, and is artistic director of the Chicago Baroque Ensemble and a member of Trio Settecento. Like David Schrader Mr Rozendaal teaches at the Music Institute of Chicago and has been involved in 6 recordings for Cedille records 2 with Rachel Barton which were best sellers(Handel Sonata's # 1 in 1997 and overall and Instrument of the Devil #4 released in 1998). I saw Mr Rozendaal with the trio at the Opera House in Sandwich Ill. He is so relaxed and expert, he describes his viola, which is played with the bow held underhand as opposed to the cello where the bow is held over hand and interesting facts on music and makes playing look so effortless and easy.

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