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Rachel Barton’s Concert Receptions

If you have seen Rachel Barton in concert, you are aware she often describes the number prior to performing it. She may describe the composer, or something about the time in which it was written, this is the Musicologist part of her brilliance. Rachel usually describes her very special violin, currently Rachel Barton plays an Antonio Stradivari of 1683, Stradiveri violins are considered by musical artists to be the finest in the world.

Rachel is known for being very intense as she performs, concentrating on perfection which she does so very well. In many of her concerts, She will do a reception afterwards, meeting and speaking with Rachel is delightful, Rachel is very gifted and brilliant, she is also very charming, easy to talk with and extremely kind and gracious. Seeing Rachel in concert and at a reception is a memorable experience, she is a very gifted artist, equally wonderful as a person with a very sensitive gentle kindness,truly Rachel is number one to her many fans.