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Paradise Inc.
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Created on: 5/01/99
Updated on: 4/21/00

"What Love Has Joined Together"

Paradise, Inc. has three missions: The first, is to keep the legendary singing group, The Temptations, alive. They may not all be with us on earth today, but their spirits are. Our second mission is to clear the air of rumors about the guys. There have been many untrue rumors going around, which we want to get rid of. Our third mission is to draw more attention to Melvin Franklin, bass singer of the Temptations. Each of the other four guys have their own website, their own bulletin board on iMusic, and/or their own book. Melvin Franklin has neither. He is not only a voice, but a personality and much more.
Paradise, Inc. is more than just a club, it is an organization and a family. We have all been joined together by our mutual love for the Temptations, which is why our motto, slogan, and theme is "What Love Has Joined Together". Our mission is our vision, and we are working hard to make our dream come true.

President: Voice Master Mel
Vice President: Lady O
Writer/Publicist: Nishalynn
Assistant Writer: Arlene4Ruffin
Business Manager: Cornbreddie
Secretary: QBunny
Photograph Manager: LuvNRuffin
Research Manager: Ruffingirl
Technical Assistants: RuffnMuffn & Salina
Volunteer Representatives: Yalls & Ms.Showme

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