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Leave the world behind and discover yourself.

Take a trip outside Rhydin-town and sample the good life -- submerge yourself in relaxation and disappear into the lush comfort of a truly spectacular inn:

The Spectrum Inn

Nestled just outside the southern edge of the Spectrum Forest, the Spectrum Inn has all the grace and charm for the perfect getaway. Come and experience the relaxed atmosphere and quiet elegance of this all-seasons inn. Watch the forest colors change from the deck or spacious courtyard in the Fall, or ride horseback down the Spectrum Forest's single road as Old Man Winter's snow covers all in a blanket of silence. Wander carefully maintained trails as the forest re-awakens with Spring's touch. In the summer months, our fresh-water pond is available night and day for a refreshing dip.

Come inside to enjoy freshly ground and brewed coffees, home baked breads, and specialty breakfasts in the large common dining room or outside in the sculptured gardens in summer. Later, relax in the library or on the deck with a good book and a cup of tea made with herbs from our own gardens. In the Winter, curl up near our large, circular fireplace and enjoy fresh hot chocolate made from European cocoa.

From the moment you arrive in Rhydin's finest country retreat, you will be welcomed by the charm and warmth of Airenne Darramyst, the Inn's popular proprietress. Ease up the the well-stocked bar and enjoy a specialty drink while chatting with Arienne Darkheart, the Inn's engaging barkeep. At breakfast and dinner, sup on the reknowned dishes of the Spectrum's cook, Jame Talissen, while getting to know the regulars and those who have made this Inn and its surroundings their home.

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