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Shawn Johnny Auger: The youngest member of Spartak, Shawn plays mostly on the right wing. This is Shawn's third season with the club. He previously played with Riccochet and has represented Manitoba on the Junior Provincial Team. Shawn Johnny scored several key goals in Spartak's semi-final victory over Jester last season.

Larry Curtaz: A right back, Larry has been with Spartak since their inception. Last year was a particularly strong season for Larry. He was amongst the league leaders in scoring and was voted a league all-star. Larry is expecting to be a father in the near future. This will bring the total of Spartak Kid's Club to four members.

Kris Kendall: Team captain and perennial league all-star, Kris represented Canada at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg this past summer. Kris plays on the right wing, a spot where he rarely misses from. Kris has undoubtedly been Spartak's most valuable and consistent player throughout the years.

Gary Manchalenko One of Spartak's most determined players, Gary's drive allowed him to return to action after sustaining a serious knee injury a few years ago. This season Gary will be expected to play a lot of minutes at the pivot position as well as some at wing. Gary is one of the original members of Spartak and has also represented Manitoba at the national level.

Valentino Medved Spartak's Croation sensation, Val is one of the teams most versatile players. His strength and quickness allow him to be effective at back or at wing. Tino is one of the teams founding members and is currently the team representitive. He has represented Manitoba nationally at the junior and senior level.

Aedan McCarron Perhaps Spartak's most intense competitor, Aedan has been with the team from the beginning. Although he is recognized as one of the league's best defensive players, Aedan excels offensively as well and has been a constant member of Manitoba's provincial teams. Aedan brings many things to the team, most noteably, the sweet smell of Rye on an early Sunday morning.

Steve Sawatzky Spartak's newest member, Steve was one of the founders of affiliate club Spectrum in 1997. In this, his first year of handball, Steve earned a division all-star and a spot on the provincial team. The following season Steve moved up to join Spartak. His greatest strength is to run the floor and score goals on the fast break.

Like Aedan, Steve is always pleased to raise team funds through working Bingos.

Carlisle Wright Also one of Spartak's original members, Carlisle has demonstrated his ability to play nearly every position on the court. His many years of handball experience and accurate shot, make him a dangerous offensive player. Carlisle has represented Manitoba nationally many times, at both the junior and senior level.

Jade Young The player-coach, Jade was Spartak's other member of Team Canada at the Pan American Games. One of the league's best jump shooters and most talented offensive players, Jade has the ability to score goals in bunches. He undertook the responsibility of coaching the team due to the fact that he deemed himself "uncoachable" by anyone else.

One of Spartak's greatest strenghts is their goaltending. Undoubtedly they posess the best goaltending tandem in the league.

Dave Fortier If handball goaltenders are a tad "crazy", then Dave is the perfect prototype. He can often be found banging his head against the posts or wildly hitting himself all over. Dave's strong play in last years playoffs was instrumental in propelling Spartak into the league final. Dave is an original Spartak member and has represented Manitoba at the junior and senior level. Dave has also been Spartak's team representitive in the past, but was relieved of these duties for embezzling funds from the team account.

Keith Ginther Spartak is glad to have Keith back in the pipes after a few years away from the sport. In the past, Keith has been cosidered one of the top goalies in the country and has spent time training with the national team. Keith is one of Spartak's founding members and is definitely one of the teams leaders.

Reactivated Players
Kenny Anyadike No longer in bad standing with the league (don't worry Kenny we've all been there), Kenny is once again playing. Spartak's biggest member (6 feet nine inches, 285 lbs.), his presence and girth is a welcome asset. If anyone wishes to donate to the Anyadike "I need to pay off my debt fund", cheques can be made payable to the Loanshark.

Unactivated Players

Ben Moore On a temporary hiatus from Team Handball (and society in general for that matter), Ben is currently not in action. Ben's size, speed and court presence will be missed. Ben has represented Manitoba at the junior and senior level and is one of Spartak's founding members. Ben is also a very versatile player who can play anywhere on the court with the exception of goalie. Spartak looks forward to Ben's return, pending his being declared "no longer a danger to society."