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Our Clubs First 1/6 scale Hydro hits the water.

A Bit of History on the full size hydro. First built in 1984 as the 11th ATLAS VAN LINES (turbine) with an open cockpit, it then raced as the first MILLER AMERICAN in 1985 & 86 and was back-up boat in 1987, then became the MILLER HIGH LIFE for all but two races in 1988.
This is the hull that won the Gold Cup four years in a row.
The canopy was modified to give the Star Wars look.

Here are some spicifications on the 1/6 Hydro.

Length:-?cm (?") Beam:-?cm (?"). Measurements to follow.
Power by:- 32cc 4.5 h.p modified Echo weedeater petrol engine with custom made header and tuned pipe.
Construction:- Marine plywood through out.
This craft has been scratch built from scaled up plans.
We have yet to put this hull through the speed traps.

Here are some photos of MILLER AMERICAN.

Last updated 7-07-2000

Other 1/5 Hydroplanes.

None as yet, 2 to follow. (Back to home page.)