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Canterbury Model Powerboat Club


"Jesse James Class1"


The first model of our 1/5 Offshore Cats.

"Page 1."

"Page 2."

The photo shown above is of the full size Class 1 Cat.
The model shown has been under construction for some months, it will be ready for launch this summer.

Here are some specifications on the 1/6 Jesse James Cat.

Length:- 1.985m (78").
Beam:- 63cm (25").
Height to Cowl Tops:- 28.5cm (11.2").
Weight:- 12.78kg (28lbs.)
Centre of Gravity:- 31%
Power by:- Twin 22cc 4.5 h.p Zenoah marine petrol engines each with custom built Grade7000 aluminium cylinder head, 4re SG iron liner ported & flowed, water cooled exhaust header and stainless steel custom built tuned pipe with separate custom built muffler chambers.
Engine starter:- 2 - 50cc electric scooter starter motors & bendix pinion, fitted to an integral custom built bell housing.
Controls:- PCM Cap9 radio & 2 receivers.
Twin Hitec sail winch servos for stern leg trims.
Twin Hitec 1/4 scale servos for steering, push & pulling a single pivoted belcrank pushrod.
Twin throttle servo operation.
6v nicad power supply to trims & steering with a 4v separate supply to receivers & throttles.
Failsafes (everywhere).
Construction:- 6mm Marine ply frame, 1.2mm aircraft grade hoop pine covering & epoxy cloth final cover.
This craft is scratch built from photographs & technical data.

Here are some construction photo's of the model nearly finished.

Last updated 17-06-2004