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Canterbury Model Powerboat Club



Our Club has been operating in Christchurch since 1970 and its members are affiliated to the New Zealand Model Power Boat Association our national body, who officiate our code of rules, racing regulations and conduct.

Club Contact:

Any Questions Please Contact


We recommend that members join the National Body to receive limited liability insurance and subscription to the NZMPBA national magazine “PROPSHAFT”.
Club Members Note: You do not have to join the NZMPBA but we recommend you do.


. Wildlife has right of way in all occasions.
. Noise regulations, 85 db at 10meters(30feet) in built up areas and race meetings.
. No foul language, especially in public places.
. Dangerous driving will not be tolerated.
. Have patience. Ask for help if needed.
. Dont drop fuel into the water or surrounding area.


. Care to be taken in public areas when starting up and moving arround with an operational craft.
. When launching:- look,"note direction of other craft on the water", listen to any instructions being given and then launch your craft.
. Give way to other boats when launching.
. Enter into pit area at slow speed.

Last updated 08-06-2006.

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