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-- R E Q U E S T S

  -- Stacey - Original Char.

Another pic for.... STACEY!!! Wow... this one turned out so cool!!! She and I were spending.. oh, bout an hour or so complimenting eachother (We do it all the time, it's true... ^^ luv ya Stace!), when... either she, or I... I think she... came up with the idea to do a layout for her site,, using my art ^^ Hee hee... I was so thrilled!! So I took a few sleepless nights, deciding what to do, and I came up with this!!! ~smiles~ To see the colour version, you'll haveta go to her site when she makes the layout... I hope ya didn't think I was making it... ~ROTGLMAO~ BTW, the kanji on her shirt says "Sutaseyu".

  -- Haruka & Yaten

Here's a pic I drew of Yaten and Haruka for a contest at Yaten Archive. You had to pair Yaten up with somebody really weird from Sailormoon, and I chose Haruka becuase... well.... *no one* could be such a bad match for Yaten as haruka... in my opinion anyways... Then again, I put Haruka with seiya, so don't trust my opinion... ^^6 Oi.. I botched up while outlining too, so it turned out crappy...

  -- Tenshi Kou - Original Char.

Here's a pic of a character named Tenshi Kou from Jasmine-chan's fics. She writes cool fics based on the time after Sailor** ends. She introduces a new character named Tenshi Kou, who is another starlight. As you can tell, she looks a lot like Haruka. I like this pic a lot. ^.^

  -- Yaten & Minako

This was for the Yaten and Minako Ring of Passion. I was asked to draw Minako and Yaten together, and I thought, okay. So I drew it really late at night and I totally did a terrible job... The colouring is great, but I don't like the drawing at all.

  -- Makoto & Vegiita

Makoto and Vegiita for Stacey. Now there's an interesting match... ^^66 I never would have thought... But my pal stacey convinced me... and there is the whole point of her fics, Another Dimension... After doing this, I started liking Vegiita alot... O.o
  -- Yaten & Kurama

This is a picture of Kurama from yu Yu Hakusho and Yaten that i drew for a fanart contest at Moon garden. The contest was that all the characters from Sailormoon were now single, and you had to draw them with a character from another anime. So I chose these two cause I'm familiar with them.

  -- Makoto & Vegiita 2

This is for the same contest, except with Makoto and Vegiita from DBZ. I ended up trying a new style of drawing for these two pics as well... kinda weird, but hard to draw.... I dunno... the guys look too feminine? ^^