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It's Ken-kun from Weiss Kruz! Like his clothes? Heh heh... reminds me of this guy I saw on the strret... Stylin'!
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion. I drew this a LONG time ago, and then I inked it a couple days ago... Heh... Not to bad, huh?
Yaten-chan! Er... kinda nudie... nuthin' shown, but... well... Yaten. This took me about five minutes in all to draw and ink...
I drew this originally for my Home Page, but I never got aroung ta using it. You can pretend it's Miaka if you want cuz of the hair.
If ya wanted to know, this pic is called oops cuz I scanned it upside-down originally... Heh... I like this cuz of her shirt!
SD mania!!! I've drawn lotsa sd's lately, and this is just one of MANY! ^^66 This is inspired from a magazine.
I LOVE this pic! I think it's cute for some reason.. the little wispy things under the ear are weird tho...
P-Chan and Yuu-chan! My bud has been TORMENTING me to draw this, honestly! You're a real @$$ sometimes Yuu-chan... Heh heh...
Hey lookie!!! I've gone on a bit of a Fushigi Yuugi streak... here's a young looking Tasuki... ^.^ Love da fangs!
It a bishounen Nuriko!!! ~drool~ Kakkoii!!! I think I'm gonna colour this one...