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Hmmm.... melodramatic? I think so... Heh... I like it, sue me... Crying bishojo are fun to draw :)
What can I say? SD Vic-toh-ray!!!
ARRGGHH!!! This pic gave me all kinds of trouble! first I couldn't scan it, then the puter booted, and... ~sigh~ I'm just glad it finally worked.
Here's a pic of the 5 Gundam Wing boys in NORMAL clothing! Wow! Will wonders never cease? I mean... do they EVER wear nice clothes?? Not until now I'm afraid... ^^6
Original Chars. L-R: Cobey, Cameron, & Kris(he's my fave).
Chibi-Usa again! OMG! I think I may be starting to like her!!! ~snicker~ AHAHAHAHA
Do you eat your wheaties? Naw, jus kiddin'... it isn't a wheaties box.
Hee hee... SD strikes again!!! Princess Neptune & Prince (^^) Uranus!!!
SD again... BOOYAH GRANDMA!!! I like her smirk. Mwa ha.
"I'm just a girl, livin' in captivity, so don't let me out of your sight..." --No Doubt