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-- M I S C E L L A N Y

This page holds all the pictures that I receive from other talented artists! I will gladly post pictures from other people, just drop me a line and I'll get up your artwork in two shakes. (O.o) Ya. So don't be afraid to e-mail me and stuff. I would rather you got ahold of me via ICQ though, so if you have it, my # is 37456611. It's quicker, and doesn't jam up my inbox. Sankyou!!!

  -- Mandy

This is Sailor Jupiter, by my totally awesome friend Mandy-chan! It's a great picture!!! E-MAIL.
This is SO beautiful! I love the blue! i suppose Manda does too cuz.. ~sweatdrop~ She colors most stuff in blue. This is a Michael Turner type drawing.

  -- Kurara

Here's a way cool pic of the TOTALLY bishounen red-head minamino Shuuichi! Mahhhh....... ~drool~ Can you tell how much I *LOVE* this bishoooouuuuuunen......
Then the other figure, silver-haired youko Kurama!!! WAI! Neee *.* Hee heee... she sure can drawwwww..... E-MAIL

  -- Shi-Chan

Here is a way cool pic of Ndellin... godess of the Interdimensional Labrynth! ^^ WOW! If I can get ahold of her, I'm begging for more!!! E-MAIL.

  -- Nemisis

These are two neato manga-style pics by Nemisis, who just sent me these two fan arts! The first is a super awesome pic of some manga chickie.
This is a pic of the way cool Sailormars! E-MAIL
It's a superdeformed! It's a furry! No! it's Sailormoon! ~sweatdrop~
A beautiful pic of Sailormercury! I luv this! She did a great job on the harp!