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The Outsiders lost their tag titles to the Steiner Brothers on Monday Nitro, October 13, 1997. They didn't regain them until a Nitro event January 12, 1998, where they beat the Steiners. Scott won the 60-man battle royal at World War III '97, probably his biggest singles victory in WCW, and won a shot at the title at Superbrawl. Of course, Scott had to get screwed out of his title shot when Piper awarded Hogan a rematch with Sting. Hall started taking a survey on every Nitro and Thunder, and has acted as the face of the nWo. He started doing a lot of jobbing for the nWo, being the big name that everyone would beat to show that the nWo wasn't invincible. He even lost to Larry Zbyszko at Souled Out, whom Scott has had an ongoing feud with dating back to the "Tradition Bites" slogan and even going back to their days in the AWA. Just before Souled Out '98, Hall and Nash lost the titles back to the Steiners on a Nitro. The Outsiders' feud with the Steiners continued until February of 1998, when Scott Steiner joined the nWo and turned on his brother at Superbrawl VIII as the Outsiders won the tag belts back. Hall and Nash started their own nWo tag belts as well as the WCW tag straps around. Scott was finally given the World Title shot that he won at World War III, four months after winning it. Hall was given absolutely no push leading up to the match. He faced off with Sting March 15 at Uncensored '98. The two fought a pretty good match, except that Scott constantly needed help from Dusty Rhodes, who recently joined the nWo. Scott was in control for much of the match, but he was reversed while trying to put on the Outsider Edge into a Scorpion Death Drop and lost the match. The week of March 15, 1998, Scott, it is rumored, entered rehab for the third time for substance abuse after doing an interview on the March 16th Nitro clearly intoxicatied. During the same hiatus, he went through a divorce, as Bischoff called him "too dangerous for television." During his time off, the nWo had a split, pitting Hogan and his followers against Nash and Macho Man (the Wolfpac). Scott made his return on May 17, where the unthinkable happened. At the Slamboree '98 pay per view, he and Big Sexy put the belts on the line against the Giant (the newest member of Hollywood's nWo) and Sting. As Nash was about to Jacknife the Giant, Hall nailed him across the back of the head with one of their belts, joining Hogan and ditching the Wolfpac. Giant and Sting became the new tag champs, and the breakup of one of the most dominating tag teams in history was complete. He was out of action again as he actually did check into a rehab center May 22, 1998. He returned on the July 6 edition of Nitro, in front of nearly 40,000 fans in Atlanta, where he jobbed to Bill Goldberg, who later in the night won the World Title from Hogan. The following week, Hogan blamed Hall for losing the title and challenged him to a match. In the middle of the match, DDP came out to get Hogan. Then came Nash, who offered Scott a spot in the Wolfpac. At first it looked like Hall would accept, but he turned his back on Nash again and regained the favor of Hollywood. The next week, on the July 20 Nitro, Medium Sexy the Nash Killer joined forces with the Giant to take away the tag team titles from Nash and Sting, officially winning his fourth tag team strap in WCW. After missing a number of weeks in action due to a back/neck injury suffered in the weight room, Scott returned at the September 10 Thunder, acting drunk. The next Sunday at Fall Brawl, Scott lost to Konnan, as he came out "intoxicated." On Nitro the following night, Hall was so "drunk" that Bischoff interrupted his match with Luger and told him to go to the back. While Scott's drinking angle continued, he was arrested in Orlando, FL after "keying" a limo outside a night club. His feud with Nash led to a match at Halloween Havoc. In a brutal match, Hall came out vicotrious when Nash was counted out after he left Scott laying in the ring after feeling two Jacknifes. The two were to have a rematch at World War III, but by then the nWo Black and White, especially Bischoff, who Hall decked on the previous Nitro, had had enough of Hall's beer-drinking antics. They came in before Scott's match and beat him up. The Big Kev helped him clean house, but wouldn't give him the nWo salute. The two met later in the 60-man battle royal, when Nash threw Luger and Hall out at the same time to win the match and earn a World Title match at Starrcade. Hall is the only man to be in the final five in all three of the battle royals.

From there a feud with Bam Bam Bigelow started. Although their match at Starrcade was cancelled, Hall made his presence felt in the main event, when he helped Nash win the title by stunning Goldberg with a taser. Then, on January 4, 1999, the unthinkable happened. The nWo reunited with Hollywood Hogan's return from a short "retirement." All of the key pieces were there, except now they carried the slogan of the Wolfpac. Hall's feud with Bam Bam continued, and Goldberg joined the party. Scott also began to have Disco Inferno be his lackey, much like the Louie Spiccoli angle, while continuing to carry the taser around. At Souled Out, Hall brought back the match he's most remembered for: the ladder match. Dubbing himself "king of the ladder match," Hall suffered a loss to Goldberg, as he grabbed the taser and used it on the Outsider. Eight days later he beat Bam Bam in a brutal ladder match on Nitro. Then Scott challenged Chris Benoit for his spot as the number one contender to Bret Hart's US Title. With the help of Nash, Hall defeated Benoit and was scheduled to fight Hart at Superbrawl IX. Well, Hart ended up dropping the belt to Piper, and Piper got what he's had coming to him for a long time now. With some help from Disco and Nash, and finally with the help of the second rope he pin Piper at Superbrawl and Hall won his first singles belt in WCW . His foot was then ran over by a fan's car and cause him to injured and he did not appear for a few in nitro and thunder.

Scott Hall... 1999, the year of the Outsiders

Scott Hall, who is undeniably the best technical wrestler in the wolfpac, spent most of 1998 on the side lines or getting punked. Hall was screwed out of the title shot against Hogan he rightfully won in the Battle Royal. He was punked so Sting could return with his new image. We all realize now this was a big mistake because Sting's new image never took off. Things really started goin bad for Hall when WcW's president , Bischoff, fired Sean Waltman aka Syxx-Pac. Hall was suspended from WCW and was "too dangerous for live TV". Behind the scenes, Hall was facing major personal problems......ranging from his family to his drug/alcohol addiction. Many people were worried about Hall. He was in trouble constantly in 1998, making the news a few different occassions. He wrecked several cars and had run ins with the police and fellow wrestlers. He was visibly impaired on camera to the point they wrote it in the script. I did not like that angle. The fans seemed to turn on Hall, siding with his ex-partner Nash. The Hall and Nash feud lasted entirely too long with all the fans jumping on the Nash bandwagon. Nash was not the same without Hall's guidance. Hall struggled for most of '98 and ended the year reuniting with long time best friend Kevin Nash. Gainning more positive airtime, Hall proved himself as the backbone of the nWo once again. "1999 is the year for Scott Hall and the Outsiders", Hall stated, proving once again that the man who is just too sweet is back for good. 1999 is his year, he deserves it and even more owns it.

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