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Dave Bialas (Former minor league manager worked in the Cardinals, Cubs & Yankees system from 1982-16. He signed in 10 days)

Tony Barron (Played from 1996-97 for the Expos & Phillies and signed in 2 weeks)

Bill Fahey (Catcher competed from 1971-83 for the Rangers, Padres & Tigers. He came through in 7 weeks)

Matt Adams (First baseman played mostly for the Cardinals from 2012-21 and signed in 10 days thanks to an assist from Ross's Sports Autographs)

Jimmie Johnson (Tight end competed for the Redskins, Chiefs, Lions & Eagles and signed in 6 weeks thanks to an assist from Ross's Sports Autographs)

Joe Phillips (Nose tackle competed for several teams including the Chargers and signed in 3 months)

Jim Nettles (Played mostly for the Twins from 1970-81 & signed in 3 weeks)

Doug Rau (Long time Dodgers hurler signed in 2 weeks)

Ryan Bradley (Pitched for the 1998 New York Yankees and signed in 9 days)

Josh Brown (Kicked for the Seahawks, Rams & Giants from 2003-16 & signed in 2 months)

Pete Mackanin (Managed the Pirates, Reds & Phillies. He was a utility player for several teams including the Expos, Phils & Twins. He signed in 5 months)

Michel Triana (Reds prospect signed in 36 days from the Daytona Tortugas team address)

Floyd Youmans (Pitched for the Expos from 1985-89 and signed in 14 weeks)

Manny Mota (Dodgers great still signing strong at age 84)

Hal Kolstad (Pitched for the Red Sox from 1962-63 & signed in 6 days)

Alvin Guzman (DiamondBacks prospect signed in 2 weeks c/o the Visalia Rawhide)

Victor Lizarraga (Padres prospect signed in 2 weeks c/o the Lake Elsinore)

Oliver Barnett (Tackle played for the Falcons, Bills & 49ers from 1990-95. He signed in 6 days)

Joe Valerio (Center competed with the Chiefs & Rams. Also, in the WLAF. He signed in 20 days)

Played for my undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins team and passed on 06-27-22

Felix Millan (Infielder played from 1966-77 with the Braves & Mets. This All Star signed in 11 days)

Kory DeHaan (Padres outfielder competed from 2000-02 and signed in 10 days)

Lewis Thorpe (Pitches for the Kansas City Monarchs and signed in 10 days)

Jonatan Clase (Mariner's prospect plays for the Modesto Nuts and signed in 18 days)

Bob McElwee (Former football official served for 42 years, with 27 of those in the NFL from 1976-03. He signed in 5 weeks)

Neil O'Donnell (Quarterback competed for the Steelers, Jets, Bengals & Titans and signed in 1 week)

Kevin Young (Pittsburgh Pirates infielder played from 1992-03 and signed in 3 months)

Jordan Lawlar (Diamondbacks prospect signed in 25 days during his time with the Visalia Rawhide)

Darren Baker (Nationals prospect signed in 10 days from the Wilmington Blue Rocks team address. He's a class act just like his father Dusty)

William Mapother (Best known for his role as Ethan in the series LOST, he's had many other great projects. He signed in 6 weeks)

Debbie Harry (She co-founded and fronted Blondie, which was one of the most popular bands of the New Wave era. The band is in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and she was kind enough to sign in 9 days)

Peyton Wilson (Infielder is a prospect for the Royals and signed in 7 weeks from the Quad Cities River Bandits team address)

Rick Waits (Pitched from 1973-85 mostly with the Indians. He signed in 19 weeks)

Jonathan Lucroy (Catcher played for a few teams like the Brewers & Rangers. He signed in 4 years from his time playing for the A's)

Bill Melton (White Sox 1971 American League home run champion signed in 14 days)

Jerry Morales (Infielder played for a few teams including the Padres & Cubs. He signed in 12 days)

Fred Kendall (Catcher played from 1969-80 for the Padres, Indians & Red Sox. He signed in 18 days)

Steve Renko (Pitched from 1969-86 and most of his career came with the Montreal Expos. He signed in 12 days)

Andry Lara (Nationals prospect was nice enough to sign in 18 days from the Fredericksburg Nationals team address)

Danny Boone (Pitched with the Padres, Astros & Orioles from 1981-90. He signed in 27 days)

Mike Caldwell (Pitched from 1971-84 and was a long time Brewer. This 20 game winner signed in 38 days)

Terry Harmon (Phillies infielder competed from 1967-77 and signed in 3 weeks)

Stephen Braggs (Cornerback played for the Browns & Dolphins from 1987-93 and signed in 16 days)

Bill VanLandingham (Pitched for the San Francisco Giants from 1994-97 and signed in 10 days)

Skip Lockwood (Pitched with the Brewers, Angels & Mets from 1969-80 and signed in 24 days)

Niko Kavadas (Boston Red Sox prospect competes for Salem and was nice enough to sign in 2 weeks)

Mark Dennis (Tackle played for the Dolphins, Bengals & Panthers from 1987-96 and signed in 18 days)

Jim Colborn (Milwaukee Brewers 20 game winner pitched from 1969-78 and signed in 10 days)

Gar Finnvold (Pitched for the 1994 Boston Red Sox and signed in 12 days)

Dave Hostetler (Infielder played for the Expos & Rangers from 1981-88 and signed in 9 weeks)

Phil Roof (Catcher competed from 1961-77 for several clubs including the Twins. He signed in 1 week)

Ted Sizemore (Infielder played mostly for the Dodgers & Cardinals from 1969-80 and signed in 13 days)

Ron Bryant (Pitched for the San Francisco Giants from 1967-75 and won 24 games in 1973. He signed in 8 days and now charges $5 cash.)

Mac Scarce (Pitched for the Phillies & Twins from 1972-78 and signed in 8 days)

Herb Washington (Pinch runner competed for the Oakland A's from 1974-75. He played in 105 games without batting, pitching, fielding & was used exclusively as a pinch runner. He signed on my 3rd attempt in 11 days per information on Sports Collectors Net)

Misael Gonzalez (Chicago White Sox prospect plays for the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers and signed in 9 days)

Dave Shula (Spent 15 seasons coaching in the NFL, the last five at the helm of the Cincinnati Bengals (1992-96). This Dartmouth assistant coach signed in 3 weeks from the school address)

Isaiah Oliver (Atlanta Falcons cornerback signed from last season using the team address)

Romain Grosjean (Competes for Andretti Autosport in the IndyCar series and signed in 1 month)

Richie Hebner (Played for a few teams including the World Series winning 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates. He signed in 11 days)

Jack Brohamer (Played for Indians, Red Sox & White Sox. He signed in 18 days)

Dick Such (Pitched for the 1970 Washington Senators and signed in 9 days)

Rodolfo Nolasco (Pirates prospect signed in 10 days c/o the Bradenton Marauders)

FAILURE: Mike Aldrete (Returned my card unsigned and requires $15 per card or $20 for any other item. I'll pass on that offer)

John Smith & Valerie Day (Husband-and-wife team of the Grammy nominated duo Nu Shooz, were nice enough to sign in 20 days)

Duffy Dyer (Played for the Mets, Pirates, Expos & Tigers from 1968-81 and signed in 5 weeks)

Larry Harlow (Long time Orioles & Angels outfielder competed from 1975-81 and signed in 17 weeks)

Bob Montgomery (Boston Red Sox catcher worked from 1970-79 and signed in 9 days)

Brady Allen (Miami Marlins prospect plays for the Jupiter Hammerheads and signed in 1 month)

Dariel Lopez (Pittsburgh Pirates prospect plays for the Greensboro Grasshoppers and signed in 2 weeks)

Gary Sutherland (Infielder played from 1966-78 with many stops, including the Expos & Tigers. He signed in 18 days)

Stump Merrill (After years of trying this former Yankee skipper finally signed for me. The turnaround time was 4 weeks)

Claude Osteen (Pitched from 1957-75 for several teams including the Senators & Dodgers. He signed in 12 days)

Dave Rimington (Center competed for the Bengals & Eagles from 1983-89 and signed in 11 days from work)

Billy Gambrell (End played for the St. Louis Cardinals (1963-67) & the 1968 Detroit Lions. He signed in only 8 years time)

Kent Nix (Quarterback played for the Steelers, Browns & Oilers from 1967-72 and signed in 9 days)

Todd Bouman (Quarterback played for the Vikings, Saints Rams & Jags from 2001-10 and signed in 17 days)

Ken Dallafior (Lineman competed from 1985-92 for the Chargers & Lions. He signed in 17 days)

Dickey Simpkins (Forward played form 1994-02 with the Bulls, Warriors & Hawks, while signing in 1 month)

Mahki Backstrom (Atlanta Braves prospect signed in 12 days during his time with the Augusta GreenJackets)

Kevin Slowey (Pitched for the Twins & Marlins from 2007-14 and signed in 5 months)

John Goryl (Twins former infielder & manager played from 1957-64 and signed in 7 months)

Mike Garman (Pitched from 1969-78 for several teams including the Red Sox & Cardinals. He signed in 1 month)

Ken Rudolph (Catcher competed for a few teams including the Cubs & Cardinals from 1969-77. He signed in 12 days)

Larry Christenson (Former Phillies pitcher (1973-83) was a 19 game winner and signed in 12 days)

Dick Shiner (Quarterback played from 1964-74 for several teams including the Steelers. He signed in 23 days)

John Witkowski (Quarterback played in the NFL & WLAF for the Lions & Monarchs from 1984-91. He came through in 11 days)

Barry Foote (Catcher competed from 1973-82 for several clubs including the Expos & Cubs. He signed in 11 days)

Mark Kiefer (Pitched for the Milwaukee Brewers from 1993-96 and signed in 6 weeks)

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