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Dave Rozema (Pitched from 1977-86 for the Tigers & Rangers. He signed 1 week)

Brad Keller (Kansas City Royals pitcher signed from the 2021 season)

Joe Shipley (Pitched for the Giants from 1958-63 and signed in 2 weeks)

Ken Rosenthal (The best baseball sportswriter & reporter going today. He signed in 2 weeks)

Jim Tracy (Former Dodgers, Pirates & Rockies manager signed in 10 days)

Dotsie Bausch (2012 Olympian earned a silver medal in track cycling)

Angel Berroa (Shortstop had his best seasons with the Kansas City Royals and played from 2001-09. He signed in 1 month)

Dave Van Gorder (Catcher competed from 1982-87 for the Reds & Orioles. He signed in 18 days)

John Hadley (Linebacker played for the Florida State Seminoles from 1985-88 and signed in 25 days)

Julie Croteau (Recognized as the first woman to play men's NCAA baseball, as well as the first woman to coach men's NCAA Division I baseball. She signed in 9 months)

Scott Burrell (Forward played from 1993-01 for several teams and his best seasons came with the Charlotte Hornets. He signed in 8 months)

Tim Salmon (1993 AL Rookie of the Year competed for the Angels from 1992-06 and signed in 15 days)

Derek Lowe (Pitched for several teams including the Red Sox, Dodgers & Braves from 1997-13. He signed in 22 days)

Bud Smith (Pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals from 2001-02 and was nice enough to sign in 8 days)

Xander Berkeley (One of my favorite actors was in some of my favorite series 24 & The Walking Dead, he came through in 5 weeks)

Dave Thelen (During his nine year career Thelen rushed for 8,463 yards with the Ottawa Rough Riders & Toronto Argonauts. He was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1989 and signed in 10 weeks)

Jeff McCurry (Pitched from 1995-99 with the Pirates, Tigers, Rockies & Astros. He signed in 11 days)

Amon-Ra St. Brown (Current Detroit Lions wide receiver signed in 2 months from the team address)

Danny McManus (QB passed for over 50,000 yards in 17 seasons in the CFL & played for FSU. He signed in 18 days)

Prince Amukamara (Cornerback played from 2011-19 with the Giants & Bears. He signed in 23 months)

Shooty Babitt (One of the great names of baseball played for the 1981 Oakland A's. He signed in 2 months)

Micah Johnson (Played for the White Sox, Dodgers & Braves from 2015-17 and signed in 1 month)

Ashley Lelie (Wide receiver competed from 2002-08 & his best seasons came with the Denver Broncos. He signed in 1 month)

Jeff Jaeger (Kicker played for the Raiders & Bears from 1987-99 & signed in 2 months)

Ken Burnett (Fullback played for the Florida State Seminoles from 1979-82 and signed in 17 days)

Derrick Blaylock (Running back competed for the Chiefs & Jets from 2002-06 and signed in 18 weeks)

Ryan Helsley (St. Louis Cardinals pitcher signed in 1 month)

Rusty Kuntz (Outfielder played from 1979-85 for the White Sox, Twins & Tigers. He signed in 1 month)

Carlos Rodríguez (Boston Red Sox infielder competed from 1991-95 and signed in 3 weeks)

Jerry Sands (Outfielder competed from 2011-16 with several clubs including the Dodgers. He signed in 2 weeks)

Ruben Amaro (Outfielder played from 1991-98 and most of his career came with the Phillies. He signed in 2 weeks)

Marv Foley (Catcher competed for the White Sox & Rangers from 1978-84 and signed in 3 weeks)

Jim Ray Smith (Guard played for the Browns & Cowboys from 1956-64 and came through in 1 month)

Andy Harmon (Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle played from 1991-97 and signed in 11 weeks)

Patrick Deneen (Completed in freestyle skiing and is a 2-time Olympian (2010 & 14). He signed in 1 month)

Brennan Poole (NASCAR driver most recently competed in the Camping World Truck Series and signed in 3 weeks)

Chad Jackson (Wide receiver played from 2006-08 for New England & Denver. The turnaround time was 5 years which was a longer period of time than his career)

Dave Dravecky (All-Star pitched from 1982-89 for the Padres & Giants. He signed in 6 weeks)

Kevin House (Former Buccaneers & Rams wide receiver competed from 1980-87 and signed in 15 days)

Darrin Holloman (Former Florida State Seminoles wide receiver played for the team from 1983-86 and signed in 10 days)

Jose DeLeon (Pitched from 1983-95 for several teams including the Cardinals. He signed in 3 weeks and I paid the fee to PastPros)

Mike Fratello (He previously coached the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers & Memphis Grizzlies from 1979-07. He signed in 9 months)


Ross Browner

He passed away on January 4, 2022


Jim Corsi

He passed away on January 4, 2022

Doug Flynn (Infielder played from 1975-85 with various teams and his best seasons came with the Reds & Mets. This 1980 Gold Glove winner signed my card in 16 months with a donation)

Bruce Bolton (Alabama Crimson Tide split end competed from 1976-78 and signed in 1 week)

Roger Duffy (Guard played for the Jets & Steelers from 1990-01 and signed in 12 days)


Larry Biittner

He passed away on January 2, 2022

Richard Sherman (Future Hall of Famer and current Tampa Bay Buccaneer signed in 5 weeks from the team address)

Chris Pronger (Defenceman competed from 1993-12 for a few clubs but I always think of him with the St. Louis Blues. He signed in 22 weeks per Sports Collectors Net)

Todd Collins (Quarterback competed from 1995-10 and his best seasons came with the Buffalo Bills. He signed in 6 months)

One of the greats of the game passed on 12-28-21. Mr. John Madden will be missed.

Also, on Tuesday the USPS service decided not to deliver to our subdivision, why?? Louis DeJoy ??

Tanner Houck (Boston Red Sox pitcher signed in 16 months)

Chris McLemore (Fullback competed for the Colts & Raiders in 1987 then in 1992 with the New York/New Jersey Knights of the WLAF. He came through in 3 months)

Digger Phelps (Coached the Notre Dame Fighting Irish from 1971-91 and was nice enough to sign in 1 week thanks to Sports Collectors Net)

Jeff Query (Wide receiver played from 1989-95 for the Packers & Bengals, signing in 10 days time)

Billy Rains (Alabama Crimson Tide guard competed for Coach Bear Bryant's program from 1956-57 and signed in 10 days)

Jarrett Irons (Linebacker played at the University of Michigan from 1993-96 and was a team co-captain of the 1995 & 1996 teams. This former All-American signed in 6 weeks)

The sad truth is that is..........

During Spring Training 2021 I sent 30 letters earning 6 returns.

I've sent 86 letters during the 2021 regular season to major leaguers, 9 returns.

I've sent 66 letters during the regular season to the 2021 minor leaguers, 6 returns.

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Charlie Joiner

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Charlie Joiner was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1996 after competing for 18 seasons.


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