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Mike Mills (Founding member of the alternative rock band R.E.M. signed in 27 days. What a pleasant surprise)

Tom House (Relief pitcher competed from 1971-78 mostly with the Braves. He came through in 15 days)

Don Hood (FAILURE: former pitcher returned my card unsigned)

Rudy Meoli (Former Angels shortstop signed in 2 weeks and competed from 1971-79)

Estiven Machado (Toronto Blue Jays prospect was nice enough to signed in 11 days c/o the Dunedin Blue Jays)

Aaron Glenn (Defensive back played from 1994-08 mostly for the Jets, Texans & Cowboys. He signed in 5 months)

John Montague (Pitched from 1973-80 for several teams including the Expos & Mariners. He signed in 20 days)

Steve Hargan (Pitched from 1965-77 and his best seasons came with the Cleveland Indians. He signed in 20 days)

Tony Fossas (Pitched from 1988-99 for many clubs including the Cardinals & Red Sox. He signed in 6 months)

Jorma Kaukonen (Guitarist performed with Jefferson Airplane and still performs regularly on tour with Hot Tuna. He was nice enough to sign in 11 days)

Jake Kalish (Pitches for the Salt Lake Bees in the Angels minor league system and signed in 1 month)

Eddie Watt (Pitched from 1966-75 for the Orioles & Phillies. He signed in 1 week)

Ken Berry (Outfielder competed mostly for the White Sox from 1962-75 and signed in 2 weeks)

Ken Frailing (Pitched for both the Cubs & White Sox from 1972-76 and signed in 18 days)

Scott Diamond (Pitched for the Twins & Blue Jays from 2011-16 and came through in 9 months)

Carmen Fanzone (Infielder played for the Cubs & Red Sox from 1970-74. He signed in 12 days)

Don Stanhouse (Pitched for several teams from 1972-82, including the Orioles & Expos. He signed in 8 days)

Danny Cater (First baseman played from 1964-75 for the A's, Yankees, Red Sox and others. He signed in 8 days)

Don Kessinger (Chicago Cubs great signed in 8 days)

Jack Heidemann (Infielder had several stops from 1969-77, including the Indians & Mets. He signed in 8 days)

John Doherty (California Angels first baseman competed from 1974-75 and signed in 9 days)

Buddy Bradford (Outfielder played from 1966-76 for the White Sox & Indians, he signed in 20 days)

Vic Correll (Catcher played for the Braves & Reds from 1972-80 and signed in 13 days)

Mike Wallace (Pitched from 1973-77 for several teams including the Yankees. He came through in 13 days)

Bob Gallagher (Outfielder played for the Red Sox, Astros & Mets from 1972-75 and signed in 12 days)

Tim Collins (Pitched from 2011-19 mostly with the Royals and signed in 9 months)

Pete Broberg (Pitched from 1971-78 with the Rangers, Brewers, Cubs & A's. He signed in 12 days)

Larry Lintz (Infielder played from 1973-78 with the Expos, A's & Indians. He signed in 11 days)

Tom Walker (Pitched from 1972-77 for a few clubs including the Expos & Tigers. He signed in 11 days)

Fred Scherman (Pitched from 1969-76 with the Tigers, Astros & Expos. He signed in 10 days)

Luis Alicea (Infielder competed from 1988-02 for several teams including the Cardinals & Red Sox. He signed in 35 days)

Kris Atteberry (Minnesota Twins broadcaster signed in 2,722 days and sent a note about my letter being lost behind a desk)

Bob Hansen (Milwaukee Brewers first baseman played from 1974-76 and signed in 9 days)

Bruce Armstrong (6-time Pro Bowl New England Patriots tackle played from 1987-2000 and signed in 10 days)

Mark Clear (All-Star pitched from 1979-90 for the Red Sox, Brewers & Angels. He signed in 10 days)

Mark Grater (Pitched for the Cardinals & Tigers from 1991-93 and signed in 8 days)

Don DeMola (Pitched for the Montreal Expos from 1974-75 and signed in 8 days)

Terry Felton (Pitched for the Minnesota Twins from 1979-82 and signed in 3 weeks)

JC Anderson (Former PGA golfer signed in 3 months)

Roberto Hernandez (Pitched from 1991-06 with the White Sox, Devil Rays & Royals. He saved 326 games and signed in 10 days)

Alterraun Verner (Defensive back competed from 2010-17 for the Titans, Bucs & Dolphins. He signed in 9 weeks)

Greg Grunburg (Actor is known for many roles including the series Alias, Heroes, LOST and Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. He signed in 2 weeks)

Dick Hantak (Official was in the NFL for 25 years and signed in 8 days)

Deral Boykin (Defensive back competed from 1993-96 for the Rams, Redskins, Jags & Eagles. He signed in 27 days)

Andrei Kirilenko (Forward played much of his career with the Utah Jazz from 2001-15 and signed in 16 days)

Craig Anderson (Pitched for the Cardinals & Mets from 1961-64 and was the winning pitcher on both ends of the first double-header the Mets ever won. He signed in 15 days and included a card of his own)

Mike Napoli (Catcher played for the Angels, Rangers, Red Sox & Indians from 2006-17. He signed in 2 weeks from the Cubs team address)

Vinny Rottino (Competed for the Brewers, Marlins, Mets & Indians from 2006-12. He signed in 12 days)

Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame QB played from 1973-87 & signed in 2 weeks)

Chris Bando (Catcher played from 1981-89 and most of his career with Cleveland. He signed in 20 years and this came back with a 37 cent stamp)

Lenn Sakata (Infielder played 11 seasons from 1977-87 and much of his career came with the Baltimore Orioles. He signed in 8 weeks)

Jerry Fry (Catcher had a cup of coffee with the 1978 Montreal Expos, competing in 4 games. He signed in 1 week)

Jolene Purdy (Actress maybe best known for her roles on 10 Things I Hate About You & Under The Dome. She signed in 1 month and wrote a nice note)

Gary Wagner (Pitched from 1965-70 for the Phillies & Red Sox. He signed in 3 months)

Pete LaForest (Catcher competed for the Devil Rays, Padres & Phillies from 2003-07 and signed in 10 days)

Daryle Lamonica, QB who led Raiders to first Super Bowl appearance, dies at 80

Ron Jaworski (Quarterback played from 1974-89 and most of his career came with the Eagles. He signed my card in 21 years)

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