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Marcus Liberty (Denver Nuggets forward played from 1990-94 and signed in 10 days per Sports Collectors Net)

Bob Allietta (Catcher played for the 1975 California Angels and signed in 13 days)

Jim Lindeman (Competed from 1986-94 for the Cardinals, Tigers, Phillies, Astros & Mets. He came through in 10 days)

Ron Tingley (Catcher played much of his career with the California Angels. He signed in 12 days)

Steve Rosenberg (Pitched for the White Sox & Padres from 1988-91 and signed in 12 days)

Richie Grant (Atlanta Falcons safety signed in 1 month from the team address)

Neb Hayden (Alabama Crimson Tide QB played from 1969-70 and signed in 12 days)

Dylan Cantrell (Wide receiver played at Texas Tech and is on the IR list for the Washington Football Team. He signed in 12 days)

Lance McCullers Jr. (FAILURE: I sent to his home and he returned my card unsigned. I believe he was too busy finding new ways to help the Astros cheat)

Craig Chamberlain (Pitched for the Kansas City Royals from 1979-80 and signed in 15 days)

Elliott Gould (Actor of both the big and small screen signed in 8 days per Sports Collectors Net)

Don August (Pitched for the Milwaukee Brewers from 1988-91 and signed in 8 days)

Ruslan Fedotenko (Forward was a two-time Stanley Cup champion and played for the Flyers,Lightning, Islanders, Penguins & Rangers. He signed in 4 months thanks to Sports Collectors Net)

Haywood Jeffires (Houston Oilers All-Pro wide receiver competed from 1987-96 and signed in 10 days)

Bob Gorinski (Outfielder played for the 1977 Minnesota Twins and signed in 11 weeks)

Leroy Harris (Running back competed for the Dolphins & Eagles from 1977-82 and signed in 3 weeks)

Garry Roggenburk (Pitched from 1963-69 with a few teams including the Minnesota Twins. He signed in 8 days)

Dave Moates (Texas Rangers outfielder competed from 1974-76 and signed in 8 days)

Torrian Gray (He spent three seasons with the Minnesota Vikings before retiring after a career-ending knee injury in the spring of 2000. He signed in 9 days)

Jerrod Mustaf (Forward played in the NBA from 1990-94 with the Knicks & Suns. He signed in 22 days from work)

David Boreanaz (Actor is known for many roles including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones & SEAL Team. He signed in 2 weeks)

Morgan Cox (Current Tennessee Titans center was nice enough to sign in 15 days)

Reggie Rembert (Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver played from 1991-93 and signed in 3 years)

Ken Herock (Tight end competed for the Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals & Boston Patriots. He signed in 13 days)

Mike Flynn (Auburn Tigers rover played tough defense from 1971-74 and signed in 11 months)

Buddy Hunter (Boston Red Sox infielder played from 1971-75 & signed in 11 days)

Jay Hook (Pitched from 1957-64 for the Reds & Mets. He signed in 31 days)

Joe Redfield (Infielder played for the Angels & Pirates from 1988-91 & signed in 7 weeks)

Rick Trlicek (Pitched from 1992-97 with several teams including the Dodgers & Mets)

Dave Pavlas (Pitched for the Cubs & Yankees from 1990-96 & signed in 11 days)

Lofa Tatupu (All-Pro linebacker competed from 2005-10 for the Seattle Seahawks. He came through in 5 years from the Seattle team address)

Buddy Schultz (Pitched for the Cubs & Cardinals from 1975-79 and signed in 11 days)

Kellen Clemens (QB competed from 2006-17 for the Jets, Rams & Chargers signing in 1 month. This is my first success after many attempts over the years)

Brandon Jones (Wide receiver played for the Titans & 49ers from 2005-09. He signed in 6 weeks)

Rick Krivda (Pitched for the Orioles, Indians & Reds from 1995-98 and signed in 9 days)

Roy Firestone (Sports commentator/journalist is best known for his work at ESPN. He signed in 12 days)

Alan Oppenheimer (Actor has been working since 1963 & I recall him from his role on The Six Million Dollar Man in the role of Dr. Rudy Wells. He's also known for his work voicing characters. He signed in 3 months)

Lowell Palmer (Pitched from 1969-74 and most of his career came with the Phillies. He signed in 10 days and I included his fee)

Scott Pose Outfielder competed from 1993-00 and his best seasons came with the Royals. He signed in 11 weeks)

Ron Adams (Long time Golden State Warriors assistant coach signed from the team address in 9 months)

Randy Lanier (Race car driver won the 1984 IMSA Camel GT title would go on to be the 1986 Rookie of the Year at the Indy 500. Its worth watching his story on Netflix and the series is Bad Sport. He signed in 10 days)

Silvio Martinez (Pitched for the White Sox & Cardinals from 1977-81 and signed in 7 months. He also included a note to fans saying "please no more")

Marshall Edwards (Milwaukee Brewers outfielder competed from 1981-83 and signed in 19 days)

Britt Burns (Pitched for the Chicago White Sox from 1978-85 and came through in 3 weeks)

E.J. Junior (Linebacker played for the Cardinals, Dolphins & Seahawks from 1981-93 and signed in 9 days)

Bob Pettee (Alabama Crimson Tide guard played from 1960-62 and signed in 9 days)

Tommy Wade (Alabama Crimson Tide running back/defensive back competed from 1968-70. He signed in 15 days)

Earl Stephenson (Pitched from 1971-78 with the Cubs, Brewers & Orioles. He signed in 21 days)

Stan Clarke (Pitched from 1983-90 with the Blue Jays, Mariners, Royals & Cardinals. He signed in 13 days)

Taylor Rogers (Minnesota Twins pitcher signed in 6 months from the team address)

Keefe Cato (Pitched for the Cincinnati Reds from 1983-84 and signed in 12 days)

Scott Greene (Running back played from 1996-99 for the Panthers & Colts. He signed in 2 weeks)

George McCloud (Forward played from 1989-02 for several teams including the Pacers & Nuggets. He signed in 18 weeks)

DeJuan Wheat (Guard competed for the Timberwolves & Grizzlies from 1997-99. He signed in 5 days c/o IU Southeast)

Larry Hand (Detroit Lions defensive end played from 1965-77 and signed in 10 days)

Donteea Dye (Wide receiver competed in the NFL for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2015-18) and in the AAF for the Orlando Apollos & XFL with the Tampa Bay Vipers. He replaced my card with a signed card of his own)

Leon Fuller (Alabama Crimson Tide halfback played from 1959-60 and signed in 3 weeks)

The sad truth is that is..........

During Spring Training I sent 30 letters earning 6 returns.

I've sent 86 letters during the regular season to major leaguers, 6 returns.

I've sent 66 letters during the regular season to the minor leagues, 6 returns.

My Past Successes

Archie Griffin

Forgotten Facts

Archie Griffin Ohio State running back was a 2-time Heisman Trophy winner.


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