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Bruce Coslet (Former Cincinnati Bengals tight end (1969-76), would later become head coach of the Jets (1990-93) & Bengals (1996-00). He signed in 11 days)

Mike York (Played for the several teams including the Rangers, Oilers & Coyotes from 1999-09. He signed in 6 weeks)

Joe Reekie (Competed from 1985-02 and much of his career came with the Washington Capitals. He signed in 11 days)

Brian Rolston (Left wing was on the ice for the Devils, Bruins & Wild from 1994-12. He signed in 10 days)

Ross Tucker (Guard played for the Redskins, Bills & Patriots from 2001-05. He signed from work in 2 weeks)

John Jaso (Outfielder played from 2008-17 for several teams including the A's & Pirates. He signed in 13 months)

Joe Rutgens (Washington Redskins tackle competed from 1961-69 & signed in 8 days)

Harold Blackmon (Seattle Seahawks defensive back played from 2001-02 & signed in 3 weeks from work)

Tomas Hertl (San Jose Sharks center signed in 4 months from the team address)

Paul MacDermid (Right wing competed from 1981-95 for the Whalers, Jets, Capitals & Nordiques. He signed in 5 months)

Darius Victor (Running back plays for the Memphis Showboats of the UFL. He signed in 14 weeks)

Garth Snow (Goalie played from 1993-06 for the Nordiques, Flyers, Canucks & Islanders. He signed in 16 days)

Don Sweeney (Long-time defenseman was on the ice from 1988-04 for the Bruins. He came through in 19 days)

Peter Sejna (Left wing was on the ice from 2002-07 for the St. Louis Blues and signed in 16 days)

Charlie Simmer (Left wing competed from 1974-88 for several teams including the Seals, Barons, Kings & Bruins. He signed in 12 days)

Larry Steele (Forward played for the Portland Trail Blazers from 1971-80 and signed in 6 months)

Ken Norman (Forward played for the Clippers & Hawks from 1987-97. He signed in 3 years)

Joel Grey (He is best known for Cabaret & most recently in the series The Old Man. He was nice enough to sign in 10 days)

Matt McCoy (Actor has 116 credits and that includes Seinfeld, NCIS & The West Wing to name a few. He signed in 7 months)

Nick Schultz (Competed from 2001-17 for several teams including the Wild & Flyers. He signed in 12 days)

Ray Sheppard (Right wing was on the ice from 1987-00 for the Sabres, Rangers, Red Wings, Panthers & Hurricanes. He signed in 19 days)

Randy Crowder (Tackle competed from 1974-80 for the Dolphins & Buccaneers. He signed in 1 month)

Mark Carreon (Played for the Mets, Tigers & Giants from 1987-96. He signed in 1 year)

Wendell Young (Goalie played for the Canucks, Flyers, Penguins & Lightning from 1985-95. He signed in 25 days)

Bobby Henrich (Cincinnati Reds player competed from 1957-59 and signed in 5 weeks)

Anthony Shumaker (Pitched for the 1999 Philadelphia Phillies & signed in 8 days)

Bill Nahorodny (Former White Sox & Braves catcher returned my card unsigned and now chargers $5)

William Bedford (Center competed for the Suns, Pistons & Spurs from 1986-93. He signed in 3 years)

Robert Cimetta (Left wing was on the ice from 1988-92 & signed in 9 months)

Phillippi Sparks (Long-time New York Giants cornerback competed from 1992-00 and signed in 26 days)

Leo Mazzone (He worked with the Atlanta Braves' organization from 1979-05 & was the pitching coach for the Baltimore Orioles from 2006-07. He signed in 11 days)

Denny Harriger (Pitched for the 1998 Detroit Tigers and signed in 11 days)

David Shaw (Was on the ice from 1982-98 for a few teams including the Rangers & Bruins. He signed in 9 days)

Alfredo Amezaga (Played mostly for the Angels & Marlins from 2002-11. He signed in 5 months)

Rex Ryan (Formerly the head coach of the New York Jets & Buffalo Bills, he signed in 10 days)

John Verhoeven (Pitched from 1976-81 for the Angels, White Sox & Twins. He signed in 12 days)

Gorman Heimueller (Pitched for the Oakland Athletics from 1983-84 and signed in 12 days)

Steve Foster (Pitched for the Cincinnati Reds from 1991-93 and signed in 2 weeks)

Gerald Riggs (Running back competed for the Falcons & Redskins from 1982-91. He signed in 7 weeks)

Jim Johnson (Defenseman was on the ice for several teams including the Pittsburgh Penguins. He signed in 2 weeks)

Eric Weinrich (Defenseman played for several teams from 1988-06, including the New Jersey Devils. He signed in 2 weeks)

Manny Legace (Goalie played from 1998-10 for several teams including the Detroit Red Wings. He signed my red card in red ink in 6 months)

Bob Gebhard (Pitched for the Twins & Expos from 1971-74. He signed in 12 days)

Jordan Westburg (Baltimore Orioles rookie was nice enough to sign in 9 weeks)

Ryan Nutof (Reds prospect played for the Louisville Bats in 2023. He signed in 10 weeks)

Dennis Cesar (Georgetown Hoyas basketball player competed from 1965-68 and signed in 15 days)

Colin White (New Jersey Devils defender competed from 1999-12 and signed in 11 days)

Mike Figga (Catcher played for the Yankees & Orioles from 1997-99. He signed in 3 months)

Rick Gorecki (Pitched from 1997-98 for both the Dodgers & Devil Rays. He signed in 10 days)

Elizabeth Dennehy (Actress, who has appeared in such television series as Seinfeld, Charmed, Without a Trace and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and also in films such as Clear and Present Danger & Red Dragon. She signed in 13 days)

Jim Wiemer (Competed on the ice from 1982-94 for several teams including the Sabres & Bruins. He signed in 1 week)

Brent Johnson (Goalie played for the Blues, Coyotes, Capitals & Penguins from 1998-12. He signed in 7 months)

Brandon Myers (Tight end played for the Raiders, Giants & Buccaneers from 2009-16. He signed in 2 weeks)

Dante Wesley (Cornerback played from 2002-10 for the Panthers, Bears & Lions. He signed in 2 weeks)

Kawann Short (Tackle competed for the Carolina Panthers from 2013-20 & signed in 10 days)

Chris Tremie (Catcher played parts of four seasons from 1995-04 with the White Sox, Rangers, Pirates & Astros. He signed in 38 days)

Dan Severn (FAILURE: Former Arizona State & ex-professional wrestler charges $25)

Steve Tuttle (Right wing played parts of three seasons for the St. Louis Blues. He signed in 10 months)

Terry Moore (Actress began working in 1940 and at age 95 she's still working. In 1952, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Come Back, Little Sheba. She signed in 5 weeks)

Cameron Dicker (Los Angeles Chargers kicker signed in 3 weeks)

Tucker Davidson (Former Braves, Royals & Angels pitcher is currently in the Baltimore Orioles system. He signed in 8 weeks)

Steve Farr (Pitched 11 seasons from 1984-94, his best years came with the Kansas City Royals. He signed my card in 18 days)

Anthony Richardson (Indianapolis Colts quarterback signed in 3 weeks)

Jodi Rathbun (At Arizona State she was a four-year starting guard for the Sun Devils and is the all-time assist leader. She signed in 13 days)

Lew Ford (Twins outfielder played parts of six seasons from 2003-12 and signed in 5 months)

David Nied (Pitched for the Braves & Rockies from 1992-96 and signed in 11 days)

Jerry Janeski (Pitched for the White Sox, Senators & Rangers from 1970-72. He signed in 2 weeks)

Clayton Rohner (Actor has been working since 1982 and has been in Hill Street Blues, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files & Justified to name a few. He signed in 5 weeks)

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Don Gullett

Former Reds Hall of Fame pitcher Don Gullett dies at 73. He won 109 games and 3 World Series titles.

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