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Stephen Tobolowsky (Actor is best known for his film role as insurance agent Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day, television characters such as Commissioner Hugo Jarry on Deadwood or Tor on Seinfeld just to name a few of his 200 credits. He signed in 8 days using Free People Search)

Kyle Drabek (Ex-Toronto Blue Jays pitcher competed from 2010-16 and signed in 10 months)

Matt Bonner (Forward played from 2004-16 and much of his career came with the San Antonio Spurs. He signed in 7 months per Free People Search)

Ty Gibbs (NASCAR driver competes in the in the ARCA Menards Series & the Xfinity Series. He signed in 11 days c/o Joe Gibbs Racing)

Willie Mays (Defensive end played in the XFL for the Los Angeles Wildcats and signed in 3 weeks)

Walter Jones (Played his entire professional career with the Seattle Seahawks, where he was a 7-time All-Pro selection signed in 15 days via Free People Search)

Waddell Wilson (Directed his drivers to 22 wins and 32 poles as a crew chief. He signed in 18 days)

Ike Hampton (California Angels catcher (1974-79) signed in 15 days via Free People Search)

Steve Kanaly (Best known for his role as Ray Krebbs on Dallas, he signed in 9 days per Free People Search)

Rich Rollins (Third baseman 1961-70 spent most of his career with the Minnesota Twins. He signed in 1 week per Sports Collectors Net)

Dwight Siebler (Pitche0d for the Minnesota Twins from 1963-67 and signed in 8 days. He passed away on 06-16-21

Greg Ostertag (Long time Utah Jazz center 1995-06 signed in 17 weeks using Free People Search)

Jorge Garcia (Actor probably best known for his role of "Hurley" in the television series Lost from 2004-10. He signed in 16 months)

Jerry Lucas (REJECTION: Hall of Fame basketball player returned my card unsigned)

Wes Matthews (Wild Wild Wes, was a point guard from 1980-90 with several teams including the Bullets, Hawks & Lakers. He signed in 10 days via Free People Search)

Vinny Rottino (Outfielder played from 2006-12 for several teams including the Milwaukee Brewers. He signed in 5 weeks)

The sad truth is

During Spring Training I sent 30 letters earning 6 returns.

So far I've sent 86 letters during the regular season to major leaguers, one return.

So far I've sent 66 letters during the regular season to the minor leagues, one return.

John Terry (Actor perhaps best known for his role as Christian Shephard in the TV series Lost. He was nice enough to sign in 19 days per Free People Search)

Rajion Neal (Running back played in the AAF for the Memphis Express and signed in 1 week)

Bob Ross (Pitched parts of three seasons from 1950-56 for the Senators & Phillies. He signed in 2 weeks via Sports Collectors Net)

Christian Friedrich (Pitched for the Rockies & Padres from 2012-16 and signed in 8 months using Free People Search)

Scott Brooks (Washington Wizards head coach signed from the team address in 5 weeks)

Paul Davis (Center played for the Clippers & Wizards from 2006-10 and was outstanding at Michigan State. He signed from work in 19 days)

Steve Williams (Wide receiver played for the Montreal Machine of the WLAF and signed in 11 days with another assist from Lee of Lee's Autograph Hall of Fame)

Robert Young (Defensive end played for the Rams & Oilers from 1991-96 and signed from back in 2019)

Don Pepper (Infielder had a brief career with the 1966 Detroit Tigers. He signed in 2 weeks per Sports Collectors Net)

Claude Raymond (Pitched from 1959-71 with several teams and was an All-Star for the Houston Astros. He signed in 29 days all the way From Canada)

Bryan Clark (Pitched from 1981-90 for the Mariners, Blue Jays & Indians. I paid the fee and he signed through PastPros in one week)

Dave Schneck (New York Mets outfielder played from 1972-74 and signed in 10 days)

Dwane Casey (Current head coach of the Detroit Pistons signed in 7 weeks from the team address)

Nate Snell (Pitched for the Orioles & Tigers from 1984-87 and signed in 25 days)

Pete Koegel (Catcher spent time with the Brewers & Phillies from 1970-72, signing in 28 days)

Luke Jackson (Atlanta Braves pitcher signed in 1 month from the team address)

Will Davis (DB played for the Dolphins & Ravens before his time in the AAF with the Salt Lake Stallions. He was nice enough to sign in 10 days)

Mike Barr (Guard played for the Virginia Squires & Spirits of St. Louis of the ABA. He signed in 17 weeks using Free People Search)

Franklin Gutierrez (outfielder played for the Indians & Mariners. He signed in 16 months)

Sterling Moore (DB spent time in the NFL & AAF. He signed in 4 months)

Dravon Askew-Henry (He played in the XFL for the New York Guardians and signed in 2 weeks)

Randy Brown (Guard played for the Kings, Bulls, Celtics. He signed in 11 days)

Charlie Ward (1993 Heisman Trophy winner signed in 15 yrs)

Stan Papi (infielder played for the Cards, Expos, Red Sox & Tigers. He signed in 3 weeks)

Jim Golden (Pitched for the Dodgers & Colt .45s from 1960-63 & signed in 10 days)

Antonio Cabello (Rangers prospect signed in 2 weeks c/o Down East Wood Ducks)

Sam Perlozzo (Former Baltimore Orioles manager (2005-07) signed in 5 weeks using Sports Collectors Net)

Rick Carlisle (Current head coach of the Dallas Mavericks signed in 6 weeks from the team address)

John Rubinstein (Star of Broadway is also a film/television actor, composer and director. He signed in 1 week)

Beau Bridges (Actor is a three-time Emmy, two-time Golden Globe & a Grammy Award winner signed in 25 days)

My Past Successes

Kevin Millar

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Kevin Millar hit more home runs in a Marlins uniform than he ever did for the Red Sox.


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