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~Princess Diana: A journey in to my heart~

Princess Diana:
A Journey into my heart

Map of my Journey

Island Seasons

Dancing With Diana
The Magic..

Journey to London 2003

The Gentle Unicorn..

The Impossible Dream

Maria's Journey to England 2002

Gone But Not Forgotten

Diana's Birthday Tribute

Maria's Journey
Date With Diana
Biloxi Grand Casino Hotel
March 02,2002

Special people..
Special places..

Exclusive to this website!

Princess Diana’s Dresses
Copyright Susan Maxwell Skinner
Ellen Louise Petho Collection
With permission
From Susan Maxwell Skinner
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For Susan's Journey..
Of the heart..

Susan Maxwell Skinner
My tribute to..
Her Book..
Diana,Memory of a Rose..

Check Out Darren McGrady's website!

Darren was chef to Princess Diana for four years up until her death..
He shares some of her favorite dishes..
Recipes, his personal picture of the Princess..
And just a very wonderful sweet remembrance of her..
Darren continutes her work with the Pink Ribbons Crusade..
New newsletter the first of every month.
Click on his picture to enter his website..


My tribute to Princess Diana the Musical
And to Karen Sokolof Javitch
You will LOVE this Musical Tribute..
It is Magic!
Click on CD cover to enter my journey of the heart...
And Karen's..

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©Fish in the Hand Productions
On my journey to England 2002,
I had the chance to be part of a documentary about the people..ordinary people who loved Princess Diana and remain faithful to her memory even after 12 years since her death..
Was it 12 years..or does it seem like yesterday?
I hope in visiting my web know the love and honor I have for Princess Diana..and while we all couldn’t speak on the least one persons voice could be heard..
And that is what matters..
... Those of us who loved her her now and will love her always..
We can make a person at a time..
That is what she taught me during her life..


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Of the heart..

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My tribute to Peter and Sarah Settlen's daughter..
He was the voice coach of Princess Diana for several years
Their story touched my heart..
Much like Ellie's tiny hands..

Tribute to Diana's Mother..
Whatever their problems in life..
Diana was her child and she loved and lost her..

A tribute to my Grandson Sean James..
And all the kids in Florida who are left behind..

My Photo Albums

August 31,2009
These contain pictures from Kensington Palace..
And places around London..
Associated with Princess Diana
I'd like to thank my Diana friends
For shareing them with me...
And allowing me to use them on my website..
Julie,Beth, Tracey and June..
Big thanks..even bigger hugs!

I have a myspace..You might like to check out..

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Princess Diana Light of Love

Maria's Magic Travels
My other poetry website..
I write about everything..

My Web rings and organizations

I am updating my website..
So you may not find older pages at this time..
I hope to re-work the whole site..
To make it easier to navigate..
Thank you for visiting..
Princess Diana..
A Journey into my heart..
Love and Light

Updated August 2009

Remember..These poems are copyrighted..
You may use them on a family friendly website..
But give me credit...
And let me see your work!
Do the right thing..
If you loved Diana..
You will do this..