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Welcome to the library! I do hope you can stay a while, it's so seldom I get visitors here...

After a bit of talking on the subject (and some not-so-subtle prompting from a friend) I decided to create this little collection of my Mummy and Mummy Returns stories for anyone who cares to peruse them. You can also find them on, if you prefer playing leapfrog with pop-ups. Oh, and if you like the main page decor, don't thank me, it was all PrincessZeldaBelle's doing. (She also came up with the name of the site, which I'm quite partial to.)

And now, without further ado... here are the stories. Feel free to enjoy--after all, no harm ever came from reading a story... right?

"A Long Night's Journey Into Cairo"

My very first Mummy fic. My take on how things might have gone just after the movie ended, from Evelyn's point of view. (I wrote this over one frenzied weekend after two male friends of mine took me to see The Mummy at the IMAX as a special treat, then spent the entire movie telling me how exactly like Evelyn I was. I suppose I couldn't help but get into the mindset...)

"Ghost Rain"

My second story. Having written Evelyn, I wanted to get inside Rick's head for a bit. (It was messy in there. I'm fortunate to have survived the experience.) This is a scene I'd have enjoyed seeing in the film--how Evelyn wound up so drunk in the first place.

"A Hair of the Dog"

Well, now that I'd gotten Evelyn drunk, I figured it might be fun to get her perspective on the morning after. Another "in-betweener".

"As Sweet as This"

After a re-viewing of The Mummy Returns, I got curious about how a family might cope with almost losing one of its members. This story, from Evelyn's point of view, is the result.

"Coming Clean"

A sequel to "As Sweet as This". Rick faces his greatest challenge ever: his son. I think this might herald the beginning of a series...

"The Distance"

Another fill-in scene. What might have happened in the time between when the barge sank and the following scene at the Bedouin trading post. This one is third-person, for a change of pace.

"Conversations Atop a Camel"

I love writing dialogue, and so I decided to do a story that was exclusively dialogue, just for the fun of it... this was the result

"Conversations Around a Campfire"

The first one was so much fun that I just had to write another. It's not necessary to read the first one in order to enjoy this, though.

"Conversations on a Doorstep"

How many fanfics does it take to make a series? Let's find out. I really love writing these... this one takes place outside the frame of the movie, but it's still just as much fun, if I do say so myself...

"Circumstantial Evidence"

My very first Jonathan POV story, set just after TM. Jonathan faces the possibility of losing his sister to a threat he never expected.

"Never Spellbound by a Starry Sky" (work in progress)

Also known as Never Finished by a Silly Author. I'm twelve chapters in and counting. A look in on Rick and Evelyn's wedding preparations turns into a mysterious adventure where just about everyone gets injured at some point or other. Because, you know, there's no such thing as a simple wedding--why should our heroes' be the exception?

I've become semi-famous for always ending each chapter with a cliffhanger. I'll try to stop that... however, please note the use of the word try. has been quite the little tease as of late--loading pages half-way, etc--so I've decided to post what I have here, rather than shipping everyone off to them to read it. Look forward to a more comprehensive layout when the story itself is finished. For now, enjoy.

"Whatever Stirs"

Reality merges with fever dreams. A short and mildly hallucinogenic piece. PG-13 for non-explicit adult implications.