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"Getting Physical"

This is my very first completed Forever Knight fanfic, posted in March of 2001. A short, fairly fluffy piece--the title pretty much gives it away. Oh, and despite the implications of the title (and pleading on the part of several readers!) this is not an adult fic.

"To Love the Sun"
This story, posted in August of 2002, began as a companion piece to "Getting Physical", but quickly evolved to become a perfectly fine story all on its own. On a cold winter's night, Nick finds warmth in the companionship of his mortal friends.

"Reckless Pantomime"

A bit of a departure for me. This is probably the closest to an adult story I've ever gotten thus far. Nick and Natalie are snowed in at Nick's loft--a situation which starts out tense, and quickly escalates. Posted December of 2001. Finalist in the 2001 FK Fanfic awards.

"Anatomy of a Kiss"
Nick comes to terms with the events of "Only the Lonely", and the way his feelings for Natalie have evolved beyond simple friendship. Posted in May of 2002.

"Winter Knight"
My first FK poem, originally posted under "Untitled", due to my ongoing love/hate relationship with titles. So much of my fiction takes place in winter; I'm not sure why that is, exactly. Perhaps because we have about two weeks of summer here. At any rate, this poem is certainly no exception to the rule. It's a glimpse at Nick through the eyes of love (other than those of the author...).

Victor Roscetti has recorded his reading of the poem on his Lacroix's Page.

"Here to Stay"
As Janette helps Nick learn to cope with his loss in the wake of "Last Knight", the depth of his love for Natalie brings about revelations for them both. Posted September of 2002.

"I Wish You Wouldn't"
A brief exploration of Natalie's motivations. Posted September 2002.

"To Love That Well"
Natalie's perspective on the events of "A More Permanent Hell", and Nick's choice not to bring her across. Don't be fooled by the title: this is not a cavity-inducing sugarfest. Posted in October of 2002. Bronze winner in the 2003 Raven Awards.

"My Daughter's Choice"
Companion piece to "Here to Stay". LaCroix's perspective on the events following Natalie's death, and reflections on his relationship with his wayward son. Silver winner in the 2003 Raven Awards.