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Luke Burrage was shown how to juggle when he was just eleven years old. For seven years he was the best juggler he knew, not because he was particularly good at juggling, but simply because he didn't know any other jugglers. Due to the lack of any juggling influences in life, Luke spent his days making up tricks and trying to work out what was impossible in juggling.

In April of 2000 Luke attended the British Juggling Convention in York. For the first time he witnessed jugglers not just slightly better than him, but so far advanced that Luke suddenly felt like he was one of the worst jugglers he knew.

There and then Luke decided that he wouldn't rest until he was once again the best juggler he knew, until he held world records of his own, until he was performing on the main stage at the British Juggling Convention.

So over the past few years Luke Burrage has dedicated his life to juggling, pushing back the human limits of skill and creativity. He performs at every chance and has become a popular face on the British and European convention scene. Even though he now holds several world records, Luke Burrage most enjoys inventing and teaching people new tricks, styles of juggling and sometimes even new props like Rocket Poi, One Stick Diabolo and Non-Spinning Clubs.

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