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LB Beanbags Information Page

LB Beanbags, made by Luke Burrage, are available in two sizes; 50g and 90g.

The 50g LB beanbags are specially designed for numbers juggling. They are perfect for launching 4, 5 or 6 from one hand and because of their small size and baggy consistency they are also very easy to catch.

Have a look at a picture of holding 12 beanbags or even 20 50g LB Beanbags in one hand.

See them in action with this video of 8 ball juggling or how about flashing up to 10 of them.

The 90g LB Beanbags were developed by Luke Burrage for performing. He wanted a beanbag that he could use, on stage, for both 3 ball juggling and 9 ball juggling. So while they are good for numbers juggling (10 ball flashes are possible with the 90g LB Beanbags) they are also all you need for perfecting your 3 ball mills mess, your 5 ball pirouettes or even your 7 ball shower (I'm not kidding, this was performed with LB Beanbags by Ben Beever).

See a picture of 10 90g LB Beanbags.

All the beanbags are made with white 60%/40% polyester/cotton weave fabric. At this time white is the only colour available. It is easily the best colour for both performing with and for practice. The only downside is that dirt is very noticeable. It is perfectly fine to machine wash LB Beanbags as long as they are dried quickly immediately afterwards. The millet filling in the beanbags does degrade slightly with each wash to give a slightly finer feel but there is no change in weight or consistency.

Pricing and ordering information:

Both sizes are 4 per beanbag and delivery depends on the size of the order, typically between 4 and 6. International prices are available on request.

Payment is by money transfer or cheque made payable to Luke Burrage.

A deposit or full payment must be received before any order is posted.

Alternatively, if you think you are going to meet Luke in person at a convention, contact him in advance and make arrangements for hand delivery and cash in hand payment.

All orders, questions or requests are to be sent directly to Luke Burrage via email, and the address is something like:

lukeburrage at (you work it out)