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The Art of Chinese Lion Dancing

Welcome to our Lion Dancing page. Silverbeauty and I are proud members of the West Coast Lion Dance Troupe. The West Coast Lion Dance Troupe has been around since 1982 and was founded by our teacher, Anthony Shiu. This Troupe is considered one of the finest in the Bay Area and is located in Daly City. And just to clarify, this is LION Dancing, not DRAGON dancing as many people believe it to be. Here are a few pictures of the troupe members in action. Enjoy!


A picture of Silverbeauty and I in Westmoor's gym, posing with the lion head before the Step-Up Rally. Class of 1999 Rocks!!!


This is about half of the members of the West Coast Lion Dance Troupe. Our Sifu, Tony, is the one in the blue suit. Silverbeauty and I are in the Blue, White, and Silver Lion on the right. She is holding the head up and I am crouching as the tail.

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Donít Forget to Visit the Troupe Page itself! Tons more photos there!!!

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