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Heaviside's Dolphin

Cephalorhynchus heavisidii

Average Size

Newborns: 34 inches

Weight: Unknown

Adults: 5 feet

Weight: 90-165 lb



Threats:This dolphin is threatened by entanglement in nets and hunting.

Quick facts:

This is a very poorly known species. They are very seldom observed in the wild.

This is a very small and compact species.

Other Names Used:

South African Dolphin

Benguela Dolphin

Group Size:They for groups of 2-3 and 1-10 dolphins. However, there are temporary groups of up to 30 dolphins.

Behavior:The Heaviside’s Dolphin is usually unemotional and will appear to be fairly shy. Breaching from this animal is rare, but this species has been known to leap as high as 6 1-2 feet. They have been known to approach boats, and do bow-ride and wake-ride. Some animals have been observed "escorting" smaller vessels for many hours at a time.

Where to look for Heaviside’s Dolphins: Coastal waters from southern Africa northward to central Nambia.


Diet:This dolphin eats different types of fish and some squid and octopus.

Habitat:Inshore waters

Other interesting facts: