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Mark Birkett, Seattle USA

Mark Birkett

This is the former homepage of Mark Birkett.

Click HERE for my mpspace music page. Here you can listen to what Iíve been up to musically.

Click HERE for my youtube page. Here you can see videos of me, monster trucks, and killer whales (unfortunately they are not all in the same video).

Click HERE for my Facebook profile.

Keywords: Syracuse University, Dubuque Iowa, Getty Images, Genevieve's New Hip, Rand McNally, Chicago Illinois, Foss Environmental, ProBusiness, REI, Niles, climb, climbing, Denali, Rainier, highpoint, summits of the states, CornFlake, Sven and the Punishers, Wagadunndunn, Room 113, Wednesday's Playthings, Wahlert High School