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***I'm not altogether sure that the following names/dates are accurate. Please email me with corrections.***

1. George Collins
   POB: Hampshire
   Spouse: Sarah Nicholson
   POB: South Cave, Yorkshire

2. Mathew Robinson Collins
   Spouse: Estella Jessop 
           {Daughter of John Jessop/Mary Gunn-DOB:1822

3. George Edwin
   DOB: April 17, 1895
   POB: Woodstock, Ontario
   Spouse: Kathleen Anna Hughes {Catharine Ann Hughes}
   DOB: January 29, 1895
   POB: Liverpool, England
       {Daugher of John Lloyd Hughes/Anna Scragg-DOB:  1866, Liverpool.}
       Anna Scragg: Daughter of Thomas Scragg{son of William Scragg} 
       and Mary Elizabeth Colelough-DOB: 1840
      {Mary Colelough: Daughter of John Colelough}