When we first started to think about going out for a DX’pedition we had great tips from other DX’ers. One tip was no electricity as it just caused interference on the radio. We figured that was a good idea because the DX’peditions we read about seemed to go that route.

We were off to what would soon be called Stately Wayne’s Manor. Wayne McRae’s old but comfy trailer near Arnes Manitoba. Being good DX’ers we were going to do this with no electricity. Propane lanterns and heaters would get us through and the radio would be that much clearer. We got all set up and ready for the DX to roll in.

Well after it got dark it was becoming very clear that the little propane heaters would not be enough to heat the trailer in winter. We had to put on our ski-doo suits and winter boots to stay warm. A sleeping bag over us was good too. I was warm…well except for my feet. I had had frost bite twice when I was younger and my feet began to pain me a bit.

Now what to do? Then it dawned on the other DX’ers. The stove was propane fired and would help warm up the place and my feet. Wayne and Larry got the stove going and opened the oven door. It flooded the cold trailer with its warmth. I was moved around to the front of the table we shared for radios and put my feet on the open oven door.

Mmmmmmmmm. It was heavenly. My feet warmed up nicely as did the trailer. We turned it on and off as needed and had a good time. My feet in their big blue socks spent a lot of time on that oven door those 2 days but it was worth it. The DX was as usual great. Next time though we had the electricity hooked up so the heaters and lights would work. No plumbing…but that’s another story about a tree.

The only bad part was Mrs McRae said the next summer food from the oven tasted funny…or so I was told.




Remember On A Clear Day You Can Hear Forever

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