Well our first DX’peditions did not even come close to having all the comforts of home. We had the best of times in Wayne’s trailer at Arnes Manitoba. It became known as ”Stately Wayne’s Manor”. This was a summer get away that we turned into a winter DX site. We had electricity and a stove that ran on propane but that was it. Well we had electricity after the first trip out there. We tried it without electricity but spending 2 days in boots and ski-doo suits was a bit much. The other trips included some modern conveniences.

Yes I am missing plumbing form the list. There was none close by. The hotel or gas station in Gimli was 20 minutes away. Well sooner or later you have to go. You eat you drink your body reacts.

Larry was needing some relief. He put on his boots parka mitts the usual Great White North winter gear and was off. Wayne and I were busy DX’ing but it became apparent that Larry had been gone for over 10 or 15 minutes. We wondered if her had fallen in the deep snow and gotten stuck. When its –10 or –15 C outside you go faster than you might at home.

We started to get on our winter gear to go and search for him. Just as we were about to leave in walks Larry with his ever present grin.

“Where were you ? We thought you got lost or stuck!” We asked Larry.

We should have known better than to ask Larry an open ended question. He looked at us straight in the eye and said he would have been back earlier but could not figure out how to flush the tree!!!

We now have an outhouse at the DX bus but I miss that tree. Miss Larry even more.


Remember On A Clear Day You Can Hear Forever

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