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Now some of you who live in warmer climates may not understand this one but sit back, close your eyes and put both feet in a bucket of ice. Kidding!!! There we Wayne Larry and I were in Arnes Manitoba looking to catch some real DX. We unloaded our equipment by carefully crossing the snow filled ditch. Careful being the key word here. A trip before saw skinny me make it across the ditch all nice and dry. Larry was next over and oh no, he weighed more than I did. Through the snow and into the water under it. Being wet at –10C is no fun. Larry let out a scream as the frigid water soaked into his boots and jeans. He got out quite quickly and made it to the other side of the ditch. Wayne seeing that this was no fun no matter how had we were laughing took some boards out of the truck and laid them across the ditch.

Once again we all had 20/20 hind sight. After getting the equipment in and drying Larry off we decided we had to put out the antennas. The best direction to lay out the 1000 to 1500 feet of wire we each had was down the road and across the lake. We knew it was well frozen as there had been snow mobiles on it earlier. We has seen their tracks.

We got the toboggan, a must have for any DX’pedition in the Great White North in winter, and loaded it up. Now what would you load on a toboggan to put out beverage antennas? Wire right. Nope, 3 cement blocks is the correct answer. We held our spools of wire in our hands and walked the wire down the road down to the beach. A peaceful quiet site a lake frozen as far as you can see and not another soul around….or so we thought.

We walked the wires out until each of us ran out of wire. We took turns dragging the toboggan with its 3 cement blocks on it. Once we ran out of wire we took a cement block and yes you finally see the connection, put the block on the end of the antenna wire. These babies were not going to blow away or curl up on us!

We started back to Wayne’s trailer across the moon lit frozen lake. We were like three explorers on the moon. A landscape all white as far as you could see and nobody but us around. Well not quite.

We made it back to the beach and were just starting back up the road to the trailer when we were greeted by a stranger. He was looking at us a touch weird. Then came the question that strikes fear into every DX’ers heart. “What are you guys doing out here?” OK it’s a simple question right. No its not. He informed us he had been watching us through his binoculars and was puzzled about what we were up to.

So here comes the hard part fellow DX’ers. Your answer can include:

1- Well sir we are putting out long wire antennas so we can hear radio stations from the other side of the world.

2- We are putting out beverage antennas to test the propagation as it relates to both Medium and Short Wave during peak sun spot cycles.

3- We cannot tell you or we would have to kill you.

4- We cannot say as we are with the government just go back home.

Truth is he was apt to believe the last two more than the first two! We gave him answer number one and he just looked at us funny and walked away shaking his head.

We went back to the trailer and had a great night of DX. It's never a dull time DX’ing in the Great White North.


Remember On A Clear Day You Can Hear Forever