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Snow Plow Vs ICOM

There we were all snug in Wayne’s trailer on the edge of Lake Winnipeg. Larry Wayne and myself all ready for a great night of DX. We had each run a beverage wire along the side of the road and out across the lake. The lake being frozen to a depth of 2-3 feet was safe to walk on. I had 1500 feet of wire out and was waiting for the DX to roll in. We had logged some good DX already from the Caribbean so we knew we were in for a good night of DX.

We started to hear a deep rumbling noise outside. The trailer park is virtually abandoned in winter so we were curious about what it was. The noise grew louder and louder. We could see an orange/yellow flashing light out side and figured it was the snow plow doing the road. Great I thought an easier drive home tomorrow morning.

Then it happened. My radio started to move across the table. I looked at it in total disbelief. You know everything starts to work in slow motion. The ICOM is sliding slowly across the table. Wayne’s and Larry’s radios seem to be still but mine is doing a slow slide to the edge of the table. I grabbed onto it just as it gets to the end of the table. I am holding on for dear life in a tug of war with my own radio. I can feel it tugging hard against me. I am spread out across the table the radio now in mid air. I have no clue what is going on but nothing is going to get my ICOM!

Suddenly the roar of the snow plow engine is disturbed but a large TWANG! I am snapped back into my chair my radio still in my death grip. Then all is still as the snow plow disappears down the road. Larry and Wayne are laughing at me as I did look the fool and I soon joined in.

I checked the radio and all seems well but I can hardly get anything compared to them. Then it dawned on me I had been wrestling the snow plow. Seems he hooked my antenna with his blade and started to drag it down the road. We put on our winter clothes took flashlights and went to investigate. After about 10 minutes we found my antenna wire. It was a bit battered but amazingly all in one piece. We strung it back to the trailer and put the two ends together.

The rest of the night was far quieter and I did not have to wrestle with my radio again.


Remember On A Clear Day You Can Hear Forever