We get along so we shouldn't argue!
This is our Matchbox 20 humor page. This is all in good fun, we are four girls that are all Matchbox 20 fans, so don't think we hate them. Why would we spend so much time doing this, if we did. This is our version of a tribute to those wacky lovable boys. So for all those who can take a joke enter and enjoy! And for all those who can't take a joke...then LEAVE NOW We're not making you enter, but if you enter anyways, and if you insist on getting mad, don't write us, 'cause like we said...THIS IS ALL A JOKE! We don't need your meaningless e-mails.

Another note, if you plan to write in the guestbook, would ya leave a name, real or screen, it doesn't matter. We don't need meaningless entries without a name. And another note, don't tell us off about how we shouldn't make fun of them, but it's ok if they make fun of themself, but we can't, yeah sure, that's balance. And like we said, IT'S ALL A JOKE!

Open Up More Shame Cloud Up My Reasoning
It's So Normal Good To Go Away
Please Hand Me The Bottle Little Bit Of Something
Cadillac Scene
We Just Might Feel Good
Pleasure Of The Pain Phony As Hell

Color Portrait World
A Little Untrusting
Learn It Live It Love It!
Technicolor Dreams
Not To Crazy To Get Busted

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