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The True Facts about Witchcraft & Wicca

The True Facts about Witchcraft & Wicca

I have been a Celtic Witch for 7 years now. The reason why I opened this web site is to set the record straight. Most of the Christian faith does not have all the facts and they won't even bother to know the truth and the facts about witchcraft
Since I started down this path, no where did I find any evil, the only place I have found fear and hate misunderstanding and an unwillingness to learn anew the old ideas and respect them is the Christian faith. They hide inside of a building once or twice a week and listen to a man preach about the end of the world and have been waiting for the Lord to come back for 2000 years. Guess what? Nothing yet, sure there have been plagues and wars, and natural disasters but he has not yet come, folks open your eyes where is he? We just had a class 5 hurricane hit the Gulf Region and 474+ have lost their lives as of September 15, 2005, and still more are missing. And what about the looting when people where dieing in the street. He is not here. Come and stop the madness, but I am not here to bring more hurt to those who lost someone during these nightmarish days. We should remember those who did pay the price with their lives and remember them.

May the goddess or whatever path you follow, take you home. There is only the man standing above you not at eye level with you. Does he think he can get closer to God than you? The only thing he wants is more money, for your slavery and out of your pocket, once a week and to keep sheep in his fold. The more sheep he gets, the more money he gets.

May the Mother Goddess and the Horned God, Bless you on your path
*Blessed Be*
White Tigress a.k.a.
Jane Smith

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