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The Emerald Tablet of Contents

A Homage to the One and Only Potions Master

Professor Severus Snape


Fan Music Videos

IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE, Severus/Harry video

HAUNTED, Snape/Lupin video


HELLO, Snape/Lily video

BEAUTIFUL DISASTER, Draco/Harry video (on request)

ОН НЕ ВЕРНУЛСЯ ИЗ БОЯ / He didn't come back from the battle,

Снейп/Гарри клип (по Русски) - Severus/Harry video (in Russian)

 ОПИУМ ДЛЯ НИКОГО / Opium dlja nikogo,

Снейп/Люциус клип (по Русски) - Snape/Lucius video (in Russian)

STOP, Post - HBP Severus/Harry video

featuring Mr. Alan Rickman in "Sense and Sensibility"


  CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT, a multi-ship video (slash and het)


 STORYBOOK LOVE, Severus/Hermione video (on request)


MY IMMORTAL, Harry/Remus video (on request)


TOURNIQUET, Post-HBP Severus/Draco video w/ scenes from the GOF movie





 Cedric Diggory/Harry Potter video


The author of this site currently accepts your HP video requests.

Please send an owl to

Any shipping accepted. 





Mors Mordre - They left the Dark Mark here

Fan Music Videos by Visitors who Dare


WHISPER, Harry/Draco video by Midian





all rights reserved by Lizard - please ask for permission first


Fan Fiction

With Gracious Permission by Constant Vigilance

The Truest Christmas Wish , HP/SS Christmas tale

The Note , another Harry/Severus fic




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