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              Welcome to Mama Mel’s. A place for families seeking affordable weighted products for their children with sensory issues.

                I came about my decision to start this sight as a  way to share a talent and help other families like ours. Our family is one of the growing numbers in the world that has an Autistic child. Aiedan was diagnosed with the sensory issues in December of 2003. We had looked at different places to buy weighted vests for her. Unfortunately most companies want around $100.00 for a vest she could outgrow in as little as 6 months. I went into action and created my first weighted item for her. This was a “flannel weighted blanket.” It comes in handy  when she is over tired to help her relax. I also made a “snake” and a “lap belt” for her. The greatest joy came when she tried on her custom made “vest.” She was so happy with it, so I took my work to the Autism group meeting we regularly attend to show the other members. I  volunteered to make or alter vests for the children in the group. I am now reaching out farther to more families thru this website. Please feel free to browse. If you want a vest or weighted products for your child, please contact me at I will write back as soon as possible. I have placed as much information on the sight as I can give. I will put more on as it is available.

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