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mad god's Mod for Wizardry 7

Recent Updates

05, April, 2007
* Mod is not available for download. Not everything is tested
07, May, 2007
Mod is available for download. Most of the things have been tested
20, June, 2007
A nasty bug has been fixed: The game had frozen each time you chit-chat with King Ulgar. Thanks to Steve for reporting it.
09, July, 2007
A bug with Paluke's Ad has been fixed: Thanks to Saeru for reporting it.

General Features

- Several new items have been added and few old items have been removed. It is recommended to keep at least one item slot empty for possible items...
- Few new monsters have been added.
- Few new NPCs have been added.
- Few new quests have been implemented. :)
- Some locations have been modified. Added new areas.
- Features have been added to some existing areas.
- Most monsters are now capable of dropping some loot.

Downloads - Mod for DOS version of Wizardry 7

Note: If you desperately need the mod for GOLD version I can arrange it. It will require some time though...
Note: If you encounter any bug or mistake or something else in the MOD do not hesitate to contact me.

My mail is (remove all & and # from it, sorry for inconvenience): spe#rshi&n@#de&v.ael#i&ta.c#o&m