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/ / T h e H o g w a r t s i s H o m e N e w b i e G u i d e / /


/ / Joining / /

What community do I join? platform_934 to be sorted, and then hogwartsishome
along with the other communities that are to be covered later in this tutorial.

Can I vote on others' applications? Not until you've been stamped yourself.

How will I know that I've been stamped? Our Voting manage will comment to your
application with a final vote and an image, thus stamping you. I.E.:


/ / S o r t i n g / /

How should I sort new members' applications? You can use our sorting guides, made by chellemod;
Gryffindor / Slytherin / Ravenclaw / Hufflepuff
Also, you can usually tell more about the applicant from the way they word their answers, or their own
reasoning behind them, rather than the answers themselves. For example, a Gryffindor would be expected
to use words like courage, bravery, or chivalry. However, a Slytherin is extremely ambitious and they will
use any method to meet their ends -- including traits that a Gryffindor exhibits. Therefore, if said bravery
would result in a Slytherin meething his or her desired results, then they shouldn't be considered a Gryffindor.

It should also be noted that you are not allowed to attack an applicant's opinions or views on something
that is mentioned in their answers. If you disagree, fine. But leave it there. They are not allowed to reply
to your vote and therefore incapable of defending themselves. Don't get petty -- just vote.

What are Muggle Votes and No Votes? Muggle Votes are used when a 'push' is felt. A push is when an
applicant uses buzz words and attempts to make his or her entire application centered around one particular house.
This is most commonly seen for Slytherin and Gryffindor, but it happens occasionally with Hufflepuff and
Ravenclaw. The key to a push is answering every question like a stereotypical member of that house. For
example, a Slytherin might always make off-hand remarks, be sarcastic, note that their favorite characters
wear or have worn a Death Eater's mask, etc. A Gryffindor would be the opposite, describing themselves as
very brave and courageous.

No Votes are reserved for applicants whose answers are short and not thorough enough to give you a good
feel for what house they should be in. If you are unsure, and they are not pushing for a house, please cast
a No Vote -- even if they are breaking another rule, like bashing a house. House Bashing is against the rules,
but it does not constitue a Muggle Vote.

Why can't I reply to other people's votes? This will cause one of two problems; first being that extra
comments clutter the votes and cause distress for our Voting Manager when tallying for the final stamp.
Secondly, it tends to cause unneeded drama and flaming.


/ / T h e M a n y B r a n c h e s o f H i H / /


/ / hogwartsishome - - h o m e b a s e / /

Headmistress/The Dumbledore - funn_bunn_83
Deputy Headmistress/The McGonagall -

Membership: Open
Temporarily Moderated


/ / W h a t ' s P o s t e d I n H i H / /

Community Contests
Community Debates
Quidditch Cheering Posts
Community Updates / Announcements
Point Totals
Position Openings and Applications
HP News & Rumors*
Misc. Posts from Members

/ / W h a t I s n ' t A l l o w e d / /

Spoilers without an LJ-Cut
Icons and Graphics
Questions about the Community**
Suggestions for the Community**

* = Only the Editors are allowed to post News/Rumors
** = These should be emailed to the Moderator


/ / H I H A c t i v i t i e s / /

Community Contests: There are two contests per month -- one text-based, and one miscellaneous contest.
Simply follow the rules and directions given in the post and submit an entry to earn easy points for your house,
regardless of whether or not you win!

Debates: Debate topics are given, side's announced, and twenty-four hours later the debate begins. This timeframe
is to give students time to prepare for either pro or con, whichever they're designated to debate for. Please note
that all points made must be facts and have ample support; also, personal issues should remain out of the debate.

Cheering Posts: Watch the Quidditch games at hh_quidditch, but cheer for your team in the cheering post in
HIH. Comment with banners, words of encouragement, chants -- go wild!

Updates / Announcements: If there's been a change of rules, you'll hear about it here. We'll post about any changes,
clarifications, or new rules / communites / activities.

Positions: Interested in becoming an Prefect? How about a Quidditch Player? Keep your eyes peeled for new, open
positions and their proper applications.

Reminders: Life gets a little hectic sometimes, and we all need a little nudge. That's why, occasionally, reminders
will be posted -- applications that need a few more votes, previous contests that are still open, dates of events, etc.

News and Rumors: Every week, we'll have updates from our Editors with the Quibbler and the Daily Prophet posting
news and rumors; for details on how you can help out with this, see the Quibbler/Daily Prophet section.

Miscellaneous: Occasionally, someone will run across something they just have to share with the community;
A funny HP site, Or maybe a hilarious flash animation. Here's where it goes! Please note that any quizzes
or 'memes' posted will be deleted unless they are highly unique -- there are scores of these things floating about.
As long as these things aren't against any of the rules, it will be allowed.


/ / platform_934 - - T h e S o r t i n g C o m m u n i t y / /

Moderator: natasha_lumiere

Membership: Open

Here is where new applications are sent through the queue for our members to vote upon and sort new members. For
more details, please see the "How to Sort" section.


/ / hih_appeals - - T h e A p p e a l s C o m m u n i t y / /

Moderator: natasha_lumiere

Membership: Moderated

If you feel that you don't truly belong in the house you were sorted into, you can fill out an Appeal, friend the Judges, and
have another go. This is your last chance, so really make it count. You'll either be reviewed and approved for an appeal to a
different house according to Judges' votes, or you'll be denied. All decisions are final.


/ / T h e C o m m o n R o o m s / /






/ / hogsmeadewkends - - H I H H o g s m e a d e / /

Mayor (Mod): jupluna
Deputy Mayor (Co-Mod):

Membership: Moderated
Moderated unless it is a designated Hogsmeade Weekend

Once every six weeks, Hogsmeade is open to the student population. While the rest of the communities are strict in
their rules, this one is more relaxed and easy-going. There are, of course, still rules, but they are more lenient and the
atmosphere calls for fun! There are contests as well, such as "Guess the Number of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans!",
or the lottery. Also, if you participate, you gain a banner which in turn can later earn you points.


/ / hh_diagon - - H i H D i a g o n A l l e y / /

Moderator: hackergroupie

Membership: Moderated
Posts: Closed except to Mod
Friends Only

Come here to shop for your items, and deposit your knuts! Buy things such as cauldrons, robes, spell books (which you
will need should you wish to become a Registered Animagus), and to claim your Gringotts vault.


/ / hh_sugarquill -- T h e H i H S u g a r q u i l l / /

Moderators: semirhage527 & silenced_dreams

Membership: Moderated
Posts: Unmoderated
Security: Public

Here, you can post your drabbles, fics, sketches, etc., for points! Also, challenges are issued from the Mods for
art and writing weekly -- it's a great way to gain concrit and feedback while expanding your skills, as well as earning
points for your House!


/ / hh_clubs - - H i H C l u b s / /

Moderators: intotheheart & shayuko

Membership: Moderated
Closed except to Mods and Club Leaders

Here, you can join a wide array of clubs and earn point for participating in the Club activities. No matter what your interest
may be, there is bound to be a club to suit you! Currently we are not accepting applications for new Clubs, but keep your eyes
out for an announcement. Currently active Clubs are...

Dumbledore's Army // Charms Club // Potions Club // Divination Club // Literature Club // Dueling Club
Defense Against the Dark Arts Club // Art Club // Music Club // Animagus Club // Herbology Club
Wizarding Games Club // Astronomy Club // Transfiguration Club


/ / hihnow_playing - - N o w P l a y i n g / /

Moderator: hackergroupie

Membership: Moderated
Closed except to Mods

This is the Role-Playing community dedicated to Original Characters being placed inside Hogwarts School of Witchcraft
and Wizardry. It is as Alternate Universe RP, but not in the sense that things are ridiculously out of canon; the major
differences is that there are no canon characters except Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort. The Dark vs. Light concept
remains, and the timeframe is set to modern-day, rather than the Harry Potter timeline. Points are given for participation!
Also included is the Out Of Character community,


/ / hihrpg - - H i H R P G / /

Moderator: jedilora

Membership: Moderated

This particular RPG follows a similar structure as far as timeline and characters go, but you do not create a character to play;
You, instead, portray yourself!


/ / sortedchallenge - - T h e H i H G r a p h i c C h a l l e n g e C o m m u n i t y / /

Moderators: jupluna & lenabee

Membership: Moderated
Closed except to Mods

If you enjoy icontests, here's the place for you! It's an exclusive icon and graphic competition for HiH members only. Included
are icons, banners, headers, and tons of other miscellaneous graphics. Each week members enter, then vote on their favorites
from the group, and the winners receive awards as well as points!


/ / hh_quidditch - - T h e Q u i d d i t c h P i t c h / /

Coach: jacquie_

Membership: Closed except to Quidditch Players
Posts: Unmoderated
Friends Only, except for Matches

Here is where the Quidditch players and Coach discuss dates and times for their matches, as well as play the matches in a
public post. Also included in this group are the subsidiary Quidditch communities, closed to everyone except the proper Team
members and players...

gryfflockerroom // slythlockerroom // clawlockerroom // pufflockerroom // quidditchques


/ / hh_order - - T h e O r d e r o f t h e P h o e n i x / /

Moderator: aphrodite__

Membership: Closed except to Order Members
Posts: Unmoderated
Friends Only

This is the community where our Order Members come together to discuss and plot how they will take community promotion
to the next level! It is where they will receive assignments, execute plans, and turn in their results. Order Members do not earn
points, but they do earn salary.


/ / hogwartsicons - - S h a r e I c o n s / /

This is the place where you share your Harry Potter icons and Graphics. It has open membership to anyone -- not just HiH members,
and it is unmoderated.



/ / T h e D a i l y P r o p h e t & T h e Q u i b b l e r / /

If you have news or rumors to share, then head on over to either hihdailyprophet (for news) or hihquibbler (rumors), to report
it and earn big points for your house! If you do your research, you can gain up to thirty points per week! Just follow the direction on the
posts/user info and you're all set!



/ / R e w a r d s & P u n i s h m e n t s / /

Naturally, you will be apt to earn rewards by participating, and receive demerits by breaking rules. Here is a list our official HiH
Point System.

Contests -- In-House, Main Community, Sorted Challenge, Clubs

Participating (not placing) 10 points 5 knuts
First Place* 50 points 20 knuts
Second Place* 40 points 15 knuts
Third Place* 30 points 10 knuts


Participating (not placing) 10 points
First Place* 20 points
Second Place* 20 points
Third Place* 20 points

Debates -- In-House, Main Community, Clubs

Participating in the Debate 10 points 5 knuts
Each Additional Comment 5 points 2 knuts

Sugarquill Points - Fiction

Submitting a Fic 10 points
Additional Chapters 10 points per chapter, up to ten; 5 points per chapter after
Challenges 15 points

Sugarquill Points - Art

Doodles 1 point
Rough sketch (pencil) 5 points
Cleaned sketch (darkened) 10 points
Finished (colored pencil, oil/pencil pastel, digitally colored) 15 points
Fnished (watercolor, oils, any other physical paint) 20 points
Challenges Category above +5 points

"Now Playing" Points

Participating with at least four valid comments 10 points 5 knuts
Every valid comment after four 1 additional point --
Male character bonus 5 points --

Miscellaneous Point Earning Activities

Winng a Hogsmeade Contest 50 points
Voting on Applications 1 point
Voting with an icon or sig* 2 points
Quidditch matches Houses earn the point totals from the Match's final score
Submitting News or a Rumor to the Editors 3 points a piece, up to ten (30 max)


General Help 5 points
Layout Help 10 points
Graphics Help 10 points
Help with Codes or Maintaing 10 points


Starting Drama -10 points
Adding to Drama/Egging on -5 points
Trash talking other houses -5 points
Trash talking other members -10 points
Disrespect to an Official -10 points
General Rule-Breaking -5 points
Miscellaneous Official will decide depending upon severity

* = This total includes the Participation points and/or knuts.


/ / T h e H o g w a r t s I s H o m e S t a f f / /

Moderator: funn_bunn_83
Contest Leaders:
funn_bunn_83 & jupluna
Debate Leaders:
meli_p & shayuko
Voting Manager & Appeals Mod:
Gryffindor Prefect:
Slytherin Prefect:
Ravenclaw Prefect:
Hufflepuff Prefect:
Mayor of Hogsmeade:
Deputy Mayor of Hogsmeade:
Diagon Alley Mod:
Sugarquill Moderators:
silenced_dreams & semirhage527
Clubs Mods:
intotheheart & shayuko
Now Playing Mod:
Sorted Challenge Mods:
lenabee & jupluna
Quidditch Coach:
Quidditch Captain - Gryffindor:
Quidditch Captain - Slytherin:
Quidditch Captain - Ravenclaw:
Quidditch Captain - Hufflepuff:


/ / P e o p l e T o L o o k O u t F o r / /

These users may crop up from time to time, but don't be fooled by their generic usernames! They'll have something important to say!

debate_geeks - The Debate Leaders
hihdailyprophet - The Daily Prophet Editors
hihquibbler - The Quibbler Editors
hih_filch - Did you break a rule? Say something you knew better than to? Filch'll be on your heels, if Mrs. Norris doesn't get to you first.
_sir_cadogan_ - Gryffindor's faithful servant -- careful.. If you see him about, there just may be a prank brewing.


If you need to contact someone, please use the following email addresses and your questions, problems, and/or suggestions
will be promptly addressed to the proper people.

bunny [dot] district [at] gmail [dot] com // jupluna [at] gmail [dot] com