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Why would anyone want to create a site on hydroelectric power plants?!

Rivendell Academy High School

The purpose of this site was to connect the research I have done for this project to the community. The project was a CIM piece (Certificate of Initial Mastery.) It is required that all students have 6 completed CIM documents by the end of their sophomore year. This project was one of my CIMs-the one focussing on energy. The task was to do research on some essential concepts about energy and write about the dynamic energy transformations that occur in some sort of power plant. I chose to do a hydroelectric power plant. I researched the concepts and wrote the report on it. A required component of each CIM is a community connection. We must get our information out to the community in a meaningful way. I chose to create this website to publish my findings. I hope you, as a member of the community, find this site to be informative and worthwhile! I would appreciate any feedback you could give me about the content contained within this site. Tell me if you learned anything or if you think the information is presented in an effective way! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site!

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