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Jewel Glyph Collide

Name: Collide
Gender: Female
Affinity/Parents: Eternal Sun
Special Stats: None
Circle: None

Under the Sun

The meadow glowed under the midmorning sun, during its slow ascent into the cloudless sky to begin a brand new day. Wildflowers blossomed abundantly in all the colors of the rainbow– yellows, reds, oranges, blues, violets, indigos, pinks, and whites among the rich, lush green grass. Maple, Ash, and Elm trees were scattered individually, whereas clumps of shrubs dotted the landscape.

A Monarch Butterfly flew near a patch of wildflowers, dipping near a pink one before rising into the air with several flaps of its traditional orange-and-black patterned wings. Then the Monarch Butterfly paused in its movements to spread out its wings to their full wingspan to glide, occasionally flapping in order to remain aloft. During its flight, the Monarch Butterfly spotted a big yellow and orange mound lying in the center of the meadow. Swooping downwards, the Monarch Butterfly went closer to get a better look.

The mound was mostly yellow with light yellow and orange markings arranged to resemble a sun like a radiant stained glass window. The top was moving imperceptibly.


The Monarch Butterfly landed on this 'living mound.' It flexed its wings, one, two, three times and then quivered its soft antennae, gently brushing against Collide's face. The mare of the Affinity of Eternal Sun opened her red eye lazily and blinked a few times before raising her head. Her actions caused the Monarch Butterfly to take off shakily into the air, and then fly back into vision at eye level with Collide, startling her slightly.

They stared at each other for a moment, and then the Monarch Butterfly flew away into the sky. Collide turned her head and watched the retreating Monarch Butterfly fade into the distance until she couldn't see it anymore. Then she sat back on her haunches, positioned front feet under her, and just pushed up with her back feet. Once she had all four red hooves planted firmly on the ground, Collide took a couple of steps out of her resting place and stopped. She smiled to herself as she looked around.

It was such a beautiful day that she should be doing her part to enjoy it!

With a nicker, Collide headed down a worn path which leads out of the meadow into the woodland at an energetic trot, making her copper mane and tail, exquisitely knotted at the end and wrapped in a burgundy cloth, fly out behind her.

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