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BERN, 22 MARCH 2003

The author of these pictures is an amateur photographer since more than 40 years. Over the years his interest evolved towards the description of people in crowds, street views, unusual views of buildings, murals. Over the years he documented religious rallies, ethnic rallies (St Patrick's day parade and West Indies carnival in NY as an example), special events (Gay Pride parades in NY and Lake Street parade in Geneva as an example). The pictures on this site were the first taken with its new numeric camera. Thus he was able to post them on the internet. They document an unusual moment in Switzerland contemporary history. The 22 March rally was defined by the Swiss media as the largest since the second world war. As suggested by many people knowledgeable of his "art work", the author, who will soon retire from active life, plans to devote part of his free time to digitise his thousands of pictures, slides and videos for the creation of thematic DVDs and websites with those shots he likes best, including some of those shown in this site. This note was added on 10 February 2006 in response to an anonymous libellous letter recently circulated against the author. All the pictures are covered by Copyright. If you are shown on a picture, you can freely download and print it or post it on your website. Kindly advise me of the download by writing to Please write to obtain prior authoritzation for any professional usage. Usage free for NGOs (upon confirmation). Links to the site are welcome. These pictures have been taken in Berne (Ch) on 22 March 2003. (site created in Marcxh 2003 and updated on 10/2/2006))