Title Rating Pairings Summary Warnings
Twice the Fun R FW/SS/GW, SS/LM In response to the story/challenge 'In a Delicate Way' by JayKay. Severus finds himself pregnant after spending a night with Fred and George MPREG, Slash
Twice the Trouble R FW/SS/GW Sequel to Twice the Fun MPREG, Slash
Twice the Danger NC17 FW/SS/GW, SS/others Sequel to Twice the Trouble MPREG, Slash, non-con
Twins, Separated Before Birth NC17 SS/RH Snape and Hagrid become pregnant after getting doused with a fertility potion. To protect them from Voldemort, Snape hides his part in the events. MPREG, Slash
What the Stork Brought R none Babies don't really come from storks. Do they? rape, WIP
James's Son R LP/JP Severitus challenge response. rape, WIP
A Very Real Dream NC17 SS/? A disturbing, reoccurring dream blurs the line between dream and reality for Severus Snape. MPREG, rape, WIP
Spoils of War NC17 SS/LM Response to Roughside's slave fuh-q-fest. Lucius learns of Snape's betrayal and offers a deal. Slash
Anything PG13 none Response to harrypottermpreg fuh-q-fest. Severus's personal research reaches fruitation. mpreg
Backwards PG13 HP/HG Response to harrypottermpreg fuh-q-fest. A potion goes wrong; Hermione's a dad, and Harry's a mom. mpreg
Rumours NC17 SS/SB, SS/LM, SB/RL Response to harrypottermpreg fuh-q-fest. Severus is pregnant. Everyone wonders who the father is, but the only answers Snape gives are lies. Slash, mpreg, torture, noncon


Title Rating Pairings Summary Warnings
Infinite Consequences R Lex/Lionel While negotiating with his father in the LuthorCorp vault to save his company from reprisal, Lex discovers he may have made a mistake. incest, MPREG, Slash
Paradigm Shift R Lex/Clark Sequel to Infinite Consequences. Who said second pregnancies were easier? mpreg, WIP
Magic and Mayhem Still PG13 none yet Lex is a wizard. Cross-over with Harry Potter. WIP
A Kryptonian Education NC17 Lex/Kal-El Kryptonians have taken over the Earth. slash, WIP
Thor R Lex/Jayne Cross-over with Firefly; response to Challenge #6, Welcome to my Fandom, Virgin!Lex Slash, sort of underage
Phone a Friend PG13 none During Vortex, Lex receives two unusual phone calls. From the future.
Part 1 of the Fix the Future Series.
Lemonade and Chicken Soup PG13 none After Nixon, Lex talks to Martha.
Part 2 of the Fix the Future Series.
Positive Reinforcement PG13 none Martha recruits the family.
Part 3 of the Fix the Future Series.
Second Encounter PG13 Lex/Clark Return of Future!Clark.
Part 4 of the Fix the Future series.
Devil Incarnate vs. Superhuman Mutant R Lex/Clark, Lionel/Desiree Lionel and Desiree duke it out.
Part 5 of the Fix the Future series.
A Luthor's Love R Lex/Alexander, CLex (implied) Sometimes love can be unhealthy. Lionel POV slash, death
Lex Luthor's Guide to Apology NC17 Lex/Clark Luthor's don't apologize. Clexfest 14, AU at 'Pete with gun at Lex's' during Nicodemus. slash
A Life More Vicarious PG13 Lex/Clark Clexfest 15 POV challenge - Accountant unrequited slash
Old As Dirt PG13 Lex/Clark It started innocuously enough, Clark supposed, this fascination that archeologists had with Lex. Clexfest 16 mentions MPreg, slash
Not Listening PG Lex/Clark The hearing aid Lex wore was as much for show as Clark's glasses. The only difference was, glasses don't spontaneously go on the fritz. Clexfest 16 implied slash
Superconductor NC17 Lex/Clark Lionel Luthor's Mountain Lion Gang picked the wrong train to rob. Clexfest 17 slash, crossdressing
A Half Dozen Photographs R Lex/Clark After three weeks of stalking the kid, Rudy had a pretty good idea of what type of trouble he was going to get Lex into. Clexfest 18 slash
A Half Dozen Headlines PG13 Lex/Clark Lex's life is in danger. Lionel tries to fix the problem. Clexfest 19; sequel to Half Dozen Photographs. slash
The Count's Only Daughter NC17 Alexandra/Don Clark, CLex The residents of Smallville turn into their Halloween costumes. Old School Clex's Halloween challenge. slash, het
Pete's List of Things I Never Want to See R Lex/Clark, Pete Pete has this list you see. And #1 is 'Clark, in leather, whipping Lex'. Or it was. slash, BDSM (interrupted), threesome-like implications
Hot Wheels NC17 Lex/Pete Lex loves his cars. So does Pete. Anyone but Clark challenge. slash, car fetish
Honeymoon in Bedlam NC17 Lex/Clark Doujinshi Contest Submission (#5) Lex finds an alternative to pain, suffering, and death. slash, slightly non-con
Monkey See, Monkey Do NC17 Lex/Clark Lex had known it was a mistake to test meteor rocks on primates. Clexfest 20 slash

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