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Claude Yancey line

Now this is where I come to the part of trying to match my KNOWN family info with that of findings I have made on the net. When I first started at the very beginning trying to find my grandparents on Rootsweb, I only had my grandmother's (maiden)name and my grandfather's name to go on. I had no idea of their parents and only had bits and pieces of info pertaining to my grandfather such as names of a couple of his brothers, names of some nephews of his, etc. I knew they lived in the Atlanta area and thru some serious digging was able to find them on the 1920 census rolls. I then found my grandfather and 2 of my uncles graves registered on a website and was able to locate birthdates and such. I then came across or shall I say literally STUMBLED across a *breakthrough* pertaining to my grandmother. I had always known her name to be Linda Odessa (Edwards)Yancey -and that's all the info I had on her other than a picture of her gravestone taken by my father. (And infact her gravestone reads the same name,"Linda Odessa Yancey") So while fumbling around at the rootsweb site, (I still have NO IDEA how I came across this info.. I think it was a godsend) I ran across the name MALINDA (not Linda) Odessa Yancey who's b-day was Feb 1 1898 (GUESS WHAT?? That's my grandmother's birthday!!) And just so happens also that this Malinda married a Claude Yancey!! (So did my grandmother!!) And Malinda had a sister named Minnie who married a Clyde yancey. And just so happens I know that my grandfather (Claude) had a brother named Clyde that married a woman by the name of Minnie Edwards!! I also know they had 3 children (possibly more) and one of thems' name was Clyde Jr. (Just so happens I found info matching this also at rootsweb on another Yancey listing) So without a shadow of a doubt, I believe this is infact my grandmother Malinda Odessa Edwards. Needless to say I was DELIGHTED to have ran across this. I then was able to trace back her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.. it has been such a blessing to find all this info seeing as when I started I didn't know anything but a couple of names. I had no idea of where ANY of my ancestors came from and now I have a general knowledge of them. I can't recommend or THANK that wonderful Rootsweb site enough!! Now all i need to do is gather the names of all my dad's siblings. And boy what a "flock" of children there was!! My father was second to the youngest of 17 children. They were all natural children between my Grandma and grandpa. And to date there are only 3 still living. One sister, and two brothers. It is thru one of these brothers I am going to see about getting the "list" of the siblings b-days and pertaining info. I will be updating with that as soon as I aquire it.

Claude and Linda's info:

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