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He h!!!

He h!!!
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Hey everyone! Have fun, you know, in life! ALSO, visit my actual better site at!


april 19/06 i need this and gmail on school coputers arent working! alright. Dance thing Group: the strobe light one Image: Checkerboard Because: They are doing I Dream Of Peace, and its written by kids, and checkers is like a toy Black and white, and to kids everything is black or white, good or bad Mostly slow, checkers takes a long time Also chaotic, checkerboards are confusing kind of Did canon style a lot, in checkers you take turns With the strobe lights, you got completely absorbed, like in checkers They did a lot of stuff together, and in checkers you have to play off what the other player did Nov 30/05-- im at school again! computer science is soooo boring eh! I think ill change this to--uh oh teacher--ok its a-ok. i htink ill change this to a bloggy type thing.ok i did. (8)so baby stop your surrounded(8)lol, i love that song, cuz i love the movie! (dirty dancing havana nights)(8)or do you only wanna dance(8). i know that music notes dont work on this page but you all know wat i mean :P


"EEE!WONK!AHH! (speaking caveman)-lol naba and andrea!

hey guys, guys, drew has BLUE eyes!aw psht your uncool.-russel, lol we all have brown eyes

ledgeledgeledgeledge-OH!-naba, lol preparing for current events

the limmerick i just made now: chantal has stuff to say. she says stuff everyday. except for the weekends, where she just hangs with friends, so right now, she will say hey!

laugh attacks are fun cuz they hurt! lol cami!

SUmmer Ones: "...look! a sobeys bag! we must be getting close!"-Naba

"In this world, you can either get no potatoe wedges or 20."-Cami

um i forget other funny quotes...but if you liked this website or even if u didnt, you should go to my space! yay!

spa days rule!

oo i thought of another one!

"This is not a game, Chantal. This is a matter of survival!"-Cami (on the subject of backyard camping) (LOL!)

Goodbye, October 2005!