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Feel free to share these files with your friends or even host them on your own free site. Everything on this site is for free distribution, and is also free to clone and modify!

SOME OF YOU CAN'T GET PET SKINS TO WORK IN YOUR GAME. To make pet skins work, follow these simple steps:
(1) Extract the skins from the zip and put them in the Game Data/Skins folder, which is the same folder where ALL the skins you download for people (including buyables) belong. The default location for the Game Data/ Skins folder is Program Files/Maxis/The Sims.
(2) You DO have the Unleashed expansion, right? NONE of my pets will work without it.
(3) The pets should now be available to your Sims at any "Old Town" pet store that sells cats and dogs; just click on any dog or cat in a bin, select "buy", and you'll scroll through all the available dogs or cats until you get to the one you want. :)

I couldn't be bothered to add the descriptions for each item next to the pictures, so you have only the picture to tell you what the item is. Each zip is exactly the way I submitted it to TSR, so you can read the descriptions in the read-me if you want to. IMPORTANT: My most innovative pet meshes all come with some serious flaws. The squid looks weird when picked up by its owner, the snail and similar pets have bleed-through issues, etc. If you have a problem with that, don't download those pets -- there's nothing I can do to fix the fact that they look really stupid sometimes.

Black Bunny Slippers Pikachu Bunny Slippers White Bunny Slippers BastDawn Fairies BastDawn Dragonfly Fairies BastDawn Dryad Fairies BastDawn Blue Fae BastDawn Alley Cat BastDawn Beetle Dog BastDawn Black Fairy Cat BastDawn Blue Fae Kitty BastDawn Bunny Dog BastDawn Sheep BastDawn Goats BastDawn Butterfly *Cat* BastDawn Canine Fairies BastDawn School of fish *cat* Frisket from Reboot Scuzzy/SCSI from Reboot BastDawn Gold Fairy Cat BastDawn Good Kitties BastDawn Hell Cats BastDawn Goth Wolf: also downloadable at Sim Raccoons Ninetails the Pokemon dog Pikachu the Pokemon cat Umbreon the Pokemon cat Ryo-Ohki the Cabbit Sailor Moon Cats: Luna, Atremis, and Diana BastDawn Squid Dog (all three skins shown) BastDawn Salt and Pepper Schnauzer, plus a grey one too BastDawn Snail Dog BastDawn Lion Cat BastDawn Lioness Cat some Groovy Goddess Neutral Cat House Goth Cat House BastDawn Gnome House BastDawn Lavender Starter House Gold and Silver Bengal Cats Uni the Unicorn Jelly

Skins for the universe of Pastel Click HERE to see my fan skins for the online comic Pastel Defender Heliotrope!


The two Unleashed objects below are available offsite, and unlike most of the other things on this page, are NOT free to distribute, although you can use them as a base for making your own objects if you manage to get them. The brown owl is available at The FantaSim Tales as an exclusive at the time I wrote this, and the white owl is an exclusive for members of The FantaSim Yahoo group. Sistergirl, the owner of The FantaSim sites, is the person who will determine where these objects go and how long they are available at a time. She does like to rotate things seasonally, so they may not be available all the time! If you join the group to get the white owl, please post a message to introduce yourself. Sim groups are a great place to socialize and get help with your game!
Brown pet Owl White pet Owl


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