WARNING: This is a slash story, which means it contains male/male erotic content involving consenting adults. If you're not of legal age or are offended by such material, please go find something else to read.

TITLE: Temptations
BY: Ratwoman
EMAIL: Ratwoman@unicum.de
RATING: NC-17, bondage. If sexual interaction between two male students of magic of legal age (I think in year six they are of legal age, aren't they?) bothers you, go away.
PAIRING: Severus Snape/Tom Malvolo Riddle
CATEGORY: AU, with Snape and Tom Riddle being in the same year at school.
SUMMARY: After Voldemort's comeback in volume 4, Snape remembers how he got into Tom Riddle's sphere of influence.
DISCLAIMER: R.K. Rowling invented Harry Potter. That's why she is a millionaire now. Lucky she. She would not agree with that story, for obvious reasons.

Professor Snape closed the door to his office and leaned against the wall. Adrenaline rushed through his veins, and he did not know whether he should be afraid or excited. He had told Professor Dumbledore that he was ready; ready to take over his old role as a spy in you-know-whose circle. Was he really?

Of course it was dangerous; if you-know-who saw through his camouflage he was to die a slow death, but he loved danger. Which was the cause for the bigger problem: would he be able to resist the temptations of the dark arts?

Would he be able to resist Voldemort?

Pictures of his last year at school flared though his mind.


Severus Snape was known as an odd loner in his school days. Severus liked being alone, he could spend hours just thinking about the world, about magic, the forbidden arts... Yet when he observed the other kids hanging around in their little groups, and the couples in love, he felt a sting of envy, and his loneliness became hard to bear. It was the reason why his hatred for Potter, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew was so much bigger than the usual rivalry between the houses - they shared such a close friendship, so much joy and loyalty, while the closest friendship he had were just those occasional chats with Lucius Malfoy.

[Harry Potter had said that Lucius Malfoy was within you-know-whose new circle. Snape had no reason to doubt it - if he was honest, his acquaintance with Malfoy was just a superficial one - ]

Severus was spending another hour brooding in a little forgotten room in the tower, when Tom Malvolo Riddle found him.

"Are you enjoying the view?" Tom said when he saw Severus staring out of the window. Severus turned around, startled, and a little annoyed that someone had found his place.

Tom looked around in the little room, the old dusty furniture (an armchair, an empty desk, a chair, a bookshelf full with broken magical tools).

"So here you are when you're nowhere to be found."

Severus rolled his eyes and folded his arms. "You spend your time searching for me?" he asked sarcastically.

"Sometimes." Tom answered seriously. "I think we have a lot in common."

Severus looked at him distrustfully. What could someone like Tom Riddle, whom everyone loved, have in common with him? Tom smiled conspiratorially. "Don't you think they teach us too little here? Don't you want to know more? Don't you want to learn things they are not willing to teach us here, like..."

"The dark arts?" Severus asked with a raised eye-brow.

"For example." Tom said. Stepping closer to Snape, he added: "But I was more thinking abut sexual magic."

Severus stared at Tom. He had no clue how to react. He tried it with sarcasm: "I cannot imagine Professor McCoy teaching us sexual magic."

McCoy was a very old woman whose moral attitudes seemed a few centuries old.

Tom didn't laugh about the joke, instead took another step nearer. Severus pressed himself to the wall to avoid touching him. "What are you afraid of?" Tom whispered.

Snape did not answer, just stared at the young man before him, torn between desire and fear. Fear of what? Of Tom seducing him? Of Tom not seducing him?

Tom Riddle was very pretty; dark hair, huge eyes, slender... yes, Snape was tempted, had had his fantasies about Tom before; but why should Tom choose a thin, pale loner for... for what, a lesson in sexual magic?

Severus laughed dryly. "What are you intending to do? We were never told how to do 'sexual magic' and the books are in the forbidden parts of the library..."

Dammit! He had just given away that he knew where the books were, which meant he was interested in that topic! A glowing in Tom's eyes told him that he had noticed the lapsus.

"I've stolen one of them." Tom said.

"You what?" Severus asked shocked. Everybody's darling Tom Riddle was a thief?

"Yes, I've stolen one of them," Tom repeated. Severus didn't dare to ask how Tom had managed that. "And I want to try out one of the things I've read." he added, looking intensely into Severus eyes.

Severus's heart raced like a caged bird when Tom raised his hand to pass it through Snape's long hair. He badly wanted this, but he was afraid that Tom was just making fun of him.

Suddenly Tom's fingers grasped his hair hard and he pulled his head down to kiss him ferociously. Severus's knees turned to butter when his mouth was ravished by Tom's tongue. Shakily he clutched his hands into the cracks of the stone wall he was pressed against. Never breaking the kiss, Tom started to undress Severus, almost ripping off the buttons of his robes. When his robes were open, Tom eagerly shoved them off Severus's shoulders, letting them fall to the ground.

Severus gasped in need when Tom's tongue slowly ran over his throat. Some part of his mind screamed at him that he should get away from Tom, but Severus told that part of his mind to shut up. Instead, he started to tear down Tom's robes, undressing him as eagerly as Tom had done with him.

Severus greedily moved his hands over Tom's back and his firm buttocks, while Tom licked and nipped his neck, clawed his fingers into Snape's behind. Tom bit down hard into his shoulder, making Severus moan in pleasure and pain. Severus was already hard as a rock; Tom seemed to enjoy the same kind of rough sex as he.

Tom moved back just a little, moving his hands over Severus's chest, pinching a nipple. Severus was both thrilled and worried about the sinister glowing in Tom's eyes. Suddenly Tom grabbed him by the arm and dragged him towards the desk. Throwing him face down onto the tabletop, he called: "Vinculum!"

Silvery ropes wrapped themselves around Snape's arms and around the table-legs, knotting him tightly to the desk. Severus noticed with upcoming fear that the same happened to his legs. "What the heck...?" he murmured, staring in disbelief at the ropes.

"Don't worry," he heard Tom's voice say. A hand patted his back. "I won't hurt you." With a giggle, he added: "Unless you ask for it."

Severus swallowed and nodded his head. Still he wanted Tom to go on, but Tom moved away from the table. Severus heard him searching for something in the robes he had cast aside earlier. Then Tom came back, and out of the corners of his eyes Severus could see Tom dripping something out of a bottle onto the floor. The young man moved out of his eyesight, and Severus heard him going slowly around the desk, finally coming back at the other side, and Snape could see that he was making a circle with the oily fluid from the bottle. Severus recognised with worry that his position resembled that of a black magician's sacrifice. Trying to calm down, he told himself that Tom Malvolo Riddle was not a murderer. Ok, he did not stick as much to the rules as he appeared to, but that didn't mean he was a psycho.

Tom finished the circle, flashing one of his charming smiles to Severus.

Severus trembled in anticipation when Tom stepped nearer. The young man climbed onto the desk and sat down astride just beneath Snape's butts. Severus turned his head, trying to see what Tom was doing. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Tom dripping some drops of the oil into the palm of his left hand. Then he put away the bottle and used his now free hand to paint some signs on Snape's back with the oil, murmuring words he couldn't understand.

"What are you doing?" Severus asked.

"Shhh!" for once Tom sounded impatient, so Severus decided to keep quiet.

His arousal had not faded a bit; it had just shifted into a more anxious kind.

Tom finished painting whatever signs on his back, then moved his fingers along his sides, reaching his buttocks and squeezed. Severus groaned in desire and unawarely tugged at the ropes holding him. Then he whimpered when he felt that Tom was pouring oil on the crack between his buttocks.

Tom slowly inserted a finger, spreading the oil, eliciting Severus an impatient groan. He was almost relieved that Tom did not waste any more time for preparation; seconds later the young man withdrew his finger, parted Severus's buttocks with his hands and slammed home. Snape screamed when he was filled, feeling as if he was split into two halves. The pain subsided and left just desire for more.

"Please..." Severus whispered.

"Please what?" Tom asked

"Go on!" Severus pleaded, "f..fuck me, please!"

He could almost 'see' Tom smiling with content, before he started plunging in and out of him. Severus closed his eyes, his fingers clawed into the wood of the desk. Tom slammed into him again and again with such a force, that Severus thought he really wanted to split him apart.

It was pure bliss. Severus had never before felt such an intense pleasure, such an ecstasy. He never wished this to end.

Of course it had to. Tom uttered a shrill scream, then came, dispersing his hot semen into Severus. This drove Severus over the edge and he came, all over the desk.

Severus felt Tom withdraw carefully, heard him coughing out of breath. Finally Tom said: "Liberato", and the ropes pinning Severus down vanished. The young man carefully crawled into a crouching position, his limps weak from being tied.

Tom lightly stroked his shoulder. "Are you ok?" he asked.

Severus smiled. "I never felt better." He said.

Tom smiled back. "If everything worked out fine, this 'spell' is supposed to send the energy we spent back to us in a few days, threefold."

Severus didn't care whether it had worked out. Exhausted but happy he leaned against Tom's shoulder.

"Maybe we could try some of the other things I've found in the book. Later, of course." Tom Malvolo Riddle said.


Severus Snape had realised years later that Tom Riddle had used each of their 'sessions' to install subtle binding spells on him, creating a bond that was not as forceful as the imperius curse, but much harder to detect.

However, he had broken the spell ones. He would break any spell Voldemort or his followers would cast on him if they found out or were just suspicious. He would resist. Even if he felt as drawn to the dark arts as he had been drawn towards Tom Riddle.