WARNING: This is a slash story, which means it contains male/male erotic content involving consenting adults. If you're not of legal age or are offended by such material, please go find something else to read.

Title: Written In The Stars.

Author: Eggbert

Email: mbejane2000@yahoo.com

Pairing: Severus Snape/Firenze

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: They're not mine, they're JKR's and I'm more than happy for this state of affairs to continue.

Summary: Musings of a centaur about a certain dark-haired Slytherin student.

Notes: Part of the SSFF. Tricky pairing, Firenze. And it's from his POV.

I was barely more than a foal when it happened. Hagrid came to a meeting of the Council of Elders asking if one of us would be willing to help teach the students up at the castle.

I remember a great deal of muttering and shaking of noble heads. Ronan spoke for them all.

"Such a thing is undignified, Hagrid. It astonishes us that you should ask one of our kind to parade himself around like a stud horse for the amusement of young humans."

Hagrid looked crestfallen but explained it was Professor Kettleburn's first ever Care of Magical Creatures lesson and he, Hagrid, wanted it to be a success.

"I will go."I announced. Bane glared at me. He had already taken me to task about my unseemly fascination with humans as opposed to the heavenly bodies. But Hagrid brightened considerably.

"Will yeh, Firenze?" he asked eagerly. "He'd be right grateful if yeh would."

"I will." I said stubbornly, ignoring the pained looks of the others. I agreed to meet Hagrid the following morning at the edge of the Forbidden Forest and he wandered off, whistling happily.

The next day dawned crisp and clear and Hagrid was waiting for me at the appointed place. I followed him past his hut to a paddock where a thin, nervous-looking young man was waiting.

"Firenze," said Hagrid formally. "This is Professor Kettleburn."

I bowed low and the other man returned the gesture. Hagrid departed with a grin.

"It's nothing to worry about. Sixth-year students, Slytherin and Gryffindor. I just want the students to see a real centaur and I can tell them all your magical qualities then they can ask questions. Will that be all right?"

I assured him it would and at that point the students arrived.

They stared at me with frank interest and I noticed one in particular. He stood a little apart from the rest, his black eyes watchful, his thin face unsmiling, framed by a curtain of raven black hair.

"This is Firenze." announced Professor Kettleburn importantly. "A centaur. He is slightly unusual among centaurs due to his colouring. Note the intense blue of his eyes and his palomino hindquarters. Most unusual. Centaurs are peaceful creatures. They are noted for their prowess in astronomy, archery and the art of divination. "He continued in this vein for several minutes, pausing from time to time to ask the class if they had any questions.

Only one spoke up, the striking, dark-haired one. His questions were short to the point of rudeness but completely relevant. I answered them willingly, aware of his growing interest in me.

He intrigued me as well. Why should such an obviously brilliant (and handsome) boy be almost shunned by his peers?

The lesson ended, the teacher thanked me and I returned to the depths of the forest. But I was unable to get the young man with the obsidian eyes out of my mind. From time to time I would wander to the edge of the forest on the off-chance I would catch a glimpse of him. But in vain.

The night I will remember till my dying day acme to pass soon after.

While out stargazing I almost stumbled over a prone form on the ground, deep within the forest. It appeared to have been dumped there by some giant unknown hand.

As I bent in for a closer look I realised it was the boy who had haunted my thoughts and dreams these long days past.

And he was hurt. The remnants of his robes were lying tattered around him and his face was bloodless, drained of all colour. I could see no obvious wound apart from a vivid red mark on his inner left forearm, but I knew he needed human medicine and fast.

I picked him up and cradled him in my arms. His eyes opened, the gaze unfocused and he moaned.

"No more, Master. Hurts..."before closing his painfilled eyes again.

I galloped through the forest with my precious burden clutched close to my heart, praying to the celestial bodies that govern us all that it wasn't too late.

Hagrid answered the thunderous knocking at his door.

"Wha'...?" he began.

"No time."I said curtly. "He needs help."

"Give 'im teh me." said Hagrid calmly. His eyes fell on the mark on the boy's forearm and they filled with a terrible sadness. "He's already damned." he said heavily.

The boy opened his eyes and this time I knew he was with us.


"Shhh. I'd best get yeh teh Madam Pomfrey, young Severus." murmured Hagrid soothingly as he took the boy from me.

"Firenze?" asked the boy wonderingly.

"He found yeh and brought yeh here." Hagrid told him, closing the door of his hut behind him.

"Thank you." were the last words I heard the dark angel say to me.

My love now had a name. Severus.

And I knew that one day we would meet again.

It is written in the stars.