WARNING: This is a slash story, which means it contains male/male erotic content involving consenting adults. If you're not of legal age or are offended by such material, please go find something else to read.

TITLE: Devil's Pet
BY: Ratwoman
EMAIL: Ratwoman@unicum.de
RATING: NC-17; includes slash, Bondage, sexual dependence, and Severus being under a sexual spell. If any of that is likely to offend you, you're on the wrong page.
PAIRING: Snape/Voldemort
CATEGORY: AU: Tom Riddle/Voldemort was at the same time at Hogwarts as was Snape.
SUMMARY: While being a Death Eater and Voldemort's favourite, Severus makes a shocking discovery.
DISCLAIMER: J.K.Rowling invented Harry Potter. She wouldn't agree with my story, for obvious reasons.
NOTE: Kind of sequel (or prequel)to my story: "Lead us not into Temptations"
NOTE 2: Depeche Mode is extremely inspiring for slash stories.

"Taken in by the delicate noise
Knocked to the ground by the subtle thunder
Shackled and bound by the sound of your voice
Wandering around in silent wonder."
Depeche Mode, The sweetest condition


The inner circle met again; it was one of the announced meetings, one when they didn't have to apparate the second the Dark Lord called them, one that left people time to prepare. Severus came a few minutes earlier, yet most of the others were already there when he entered the secret room of their meetings.

Severus heard some of them murmuring, saw them looking at him while he sat down at his place, which would be at Voldemort's right side. He knew what they called him when they thought he didn't hear: the Lord's pet, the Lord's fuck toy. Let them. They were just jealous.

Voldemort apparated when everyone was present. The Dark Lord looked quite a bit different to the boy he had been at school: his experiments in the Dark Arts had not only brought him close to immortality, it also had caused some magical transformations. Presently, the most striking one was his eyes: they were glowing red. Who knew him from earlier could also tell that his nose was flatter, almost inhumanly flat. Except that, he still was a good-looking man, but the changes made Severus wonder how far Voldemort was willing to go in his search for power, and if his appearance would alter still.

Of course everyone stood up to hail the Lord. "Oh, sit down." Voldemort said in a friendly voice. He was in an exceedingly good mood today.

When they obeyed, Voldemort stepped to his chair, but before sitting down, he gripped Severus hair, pulled his head back and descended for a deep, possessive kiss.

Severus held still when Voldemort's tongue ravished his mouth, feeling the blood rush into his genitals. Not only did he crave Voldemort's touch more than he had ever wanted anyone else, it also was an additional turn on that the Dark Lord showed his affection in front of all the other Death Eaters.

Voldemort broke the kiss and sat down. "Good news, dear friends," he said. "We have a spy in the enemies lines."

"Who is it?" Severus asked.

"I won't tell." The Lord answered. "Not even you, Darkling." Looking at the others he added: "The less people know, the better." With a smile he said: "But that's not why I called you anyway."

It was about two witches who opposed the Dark Lord. They spend the following hour planning the murder on the women. How and when to get into the house, who would be taking part, which curses to use... This time they did not need a potion, so Snape was out of it.

"Good, then everything is settled." Voldemort said, when the orders were given. "Don't disappoint me." He added in a friendly voice that concealed the devastating consequences of disappointing the Lord.

The Death Eaters raised in order to leave and prepare for the murder. Standing up, Severus felt Voldemort's arm curl around his waist. "Come in fifteen minutes to my bedroom." Voldemort whispered and licked seductively along Severus's neck, before he disapparated. Severus tried in vain to slow down his heartbeat.


Precisely fifteen minutes later Severus apparated in his Lord's bedroom. It was empty, so Severus stayed in the middle of the room and waited. He didn't have to wait for long; soon the door opened and his Lord came in: "Hello Darkling!" he said smiling, putting an arm around Snape's waist to pull him close. Voldemort's tongue darted out and licked tentatively along Severus's cheek. Severus tried to catch his tongue with his lips, but Voldemort drew back quickly. One hand clawed into Severus hair to hold his head still. Severus looked into his Lord's red eyes, shivering in lust and fear. Fear because he wanted, needed him so much that it almost hurt. He wanted his Dark Lord to ravish his body, take him and possess him, to devour him and make him a part of him.

His Lord smiled in a way that showed that he knew exactly how addicted Severus was to him. Then he kissed him again, in his usual greedy, possessive way, one hand still clutching Severus's hair, the other gripping his buttocks. Severus moaned into Voldemort's mouth, keeping his hands to himself because he knew his Lord preferred him to be passive. Except if he ordered him to be active.

Finally Voldemort broke the kiss and pushed him backwards to the bed. Severus fell over the edge onto the black satin sheets. Voldemort crawled over him, stalking him like a panther.

"You're mine." He whispered. "You know that?"

"Yours forever." Severus replied.

The Lord licked slowly along Severus's throat. "I could rip out your throat with my teeth and no one would dare to object." He whispered, and bit down hard. Severus screamed in a mixture of pleasure, pain and fear. "But I know better use of you." Voldemort added, gripping Severus wrists with his hands and pinned them down over his head. "Clavio!" he called. Snape knew that spell, Voldemort had used it quite often on him; it meant, he wouldn't be able to move his wrists for a while, as if they were nailed in.

Voldemort sat up, smiling his most wicket smile, before he ripped open Severus's robes. The Dark Lord moved his fingertips teasingly along Snape's now bare chest, eliciting him a whimpering moan. Voldemort leaned down and licked the skin, the skilful tongue flickering lightly like butterflies. Severus writhed and moaned senselessly, when Voldemort licked a wet trail down his chest to his stomach, getting louder when Voldemort bit and nipped the sensitive skin of his belly.

His Lord paused to rip open the rest of Severus's robes. Skilled fingers circled his erection, touching only oh so lightly. Severus shamelessly raised his hips to meet Voldemort's touch, but the Dark Lord withdrew with an amused smile and slipped out of his own robes. Severus watched with greed as Voldemort exposed his slender body and cast the clothes aside.

At a gesture the drawer of the bedstead opened and a bottle floated into his hand. Voldemort opened it and poured something onto his hand, then painted some winding signs onto Severus's chest, murmuring words he couldn't quite hear. It was not the first time the Lord did that. Severus knew better than to ask questions Voldemort would never answer, so he just watched his Lord. What was he murmuring? Something with an u, another u, an m.... No, he couldn't figure it out.

When finished, Voldemort moved his fingers down Severus's sides, raking his fingernails along his hips. Severus closed his eyes and threw back his head, moaning in pleasure. He felt his Lord's hands travelling to his behind, squeezing his buttocks. Severus raised his hips to give his Lord better access. Voldemort widely used the possibility to knead the muscle until Severus was screaming and writhing and begging for more.

Severus felt one oil-slickened finger enter his anus and scratch his prostate. Severus tried to move his hips to meet the intruding finger, but his body was already completely stretched towards his Lord, so the spell that pinned his wrists down kept him from moving any further. Voldemort withdrew and his hands kneaded Severus's buttocks once more, before he parted them and smashed in.

Severus completely abandoned himself to the sensations, wave after wave bringing him closer to orgasm until he exploded on a crest of ecstasy.


Severus Snape smiled in remembrance of last night, while he browsed through the bookshelves of the Great Magic Library in London. How came that each and every time the Dark Lord slept with him seemed better than ever before? Severus felt the need rising up in him again, the need to be touched and possessed by his Lord, to feel his tongue tasting his skin, his teeth biting down, his cock moving in him... Severus forced these thoughts away. After all, he was here to work.

He was searching for a book about potions, that could be used to control people, potions for making people very susceptible for suggestions. There were several books about controlling spells, but none about potions of that kind. Severus nevertheless took one of the books and browsed through it. A spell to tame wild animals, a curse to hypnotise an enemy... Severus frowned when he found a page with strangely winded signs. He could swear he had seen them before.

The spell described was one used to strengthen an existing binding spell, which had to be used in combination with sexual magic, as its force hit in the moment of orgasm.

These signs were to paint with a special oil mixture on the victims chest, while one was to murmur "iunctum mane".

Were those the words Voldemort had whispered yesterday?

Severus almost dropped the book. Had his Lord really...? That couldn't be, Voldemort loved him!

Shaking, Severus sat down at a table and looked through other pages of the book. Had not Voldemort used some of the binding spells on him? That one for sexual dependence looked much like something his Lord sometimes did to him, but he had said it was a protection spell!

And that one to install a link between spell-caster and spell-bound, with the circle cast around them, was not that the spell his Lord had used the first time they had had sex?

Severus closed the book with a thud. No, it just couldn't be! Why should Voldemort do such things when he loved and adored him anyway?

He shivered when another thought clouded his mind: what when he would not love the Lord without the spells?

No, he would find out whether Voldemort had put him under a spell. And then he would laugh and be ashamed about his doubts.

Severus put the book back and stormed out of the library, rushing to his small apartment.


In his home, Severus quickly cast a circle around him, sat down cross-legged and slowed down his breathing. It was not easy to get into a trance while he was so upset, but Severus was a pro. When he had calmed down enough, Severus willed his mind onto the astral plane. Now he could see the results of spells cast on him. A thick greenish rope of energy was curled around his neck like a leash.

Severus shifted his consciousness into his astral body and stepped out of his real body. Crouching down, he watched himself cross-legged on the floor. Beside the big rope there were several small threats like a spider web around him. His Lord really had been thorough.

To make sure it was Voldemort's doing, he carefully followed the rope, through the walls, over astral landscapes, until he saw a glimpse of his Lord at the horizon, the rope ending with him. Severus stopped and hurried back, afraid that his Lord might notice him if he came any closer.

His astral body flew back into his real one and Severus opened his eyes.

It was true.


Severus slowly stood up. He could hardly believe it. His Lord, his lover had really used spells to bind him. A wave of disgust washed through Severus. That was... abuse!

Severus sat down, wondering what to do now. Breaking the spell was not really a problem; he knew how to cut the tie. The problem was, Voldemort would notice it the same second. And then he would kill him.

And if he ran away and hid, Voldemort would find him, the leash would lead him the way.

Severus buried his head in his hands. Gods, what should he do?

A sharp burning pain in his left arm made him scream in surprise. The Dark Mark, his Lord was calling! Without a further thought Severus disapparated.


He apparated in the Dark Lord's office. Voldemort was sitting at his desk over a book. Severus was the only Death Eater who appeared. Was he the only one called?

Voldemort looked up and gazed at him questioningly: "Is everything alright, Darkling?"

Severus tried to suppress the upcoming panic. He must have mentally been pulling on the leash. "Yes, my Lord." he said.

"Weird, because I had the sudden feeling that something was wrong." The Lord said, rising. "My intuition seldom fails me." He stepped closer to Severus, his red eyes gazing at him not worried, but scrutinising. "You look pale, Darkling."

Damn, damn, damn, what could he say? "I... I was upset because I've seen James Potter in town. You know how much I hate him."

Hatred was something Voldemort could understand. With a smile he said: "I'll take care of Potter soon, Darkling!"

Snape's smile was genuine; he was just glad to have shaken off his Lord's suspicion.

Voldemort passed his fingers through Severus's hair. It had a natural tendency of getting greasy, but since he was with the Dark Lord, Snape did all he could to keep it smooth. For him. He who used and betrayed him.

Voldemort's grip in his hair tightened and he moved closer to kiss him. The sensations of the tongue exploring the cavities of his mouth send the same shivers of need through Severus's body, the same old desire to be his. But would he feel that even without his Lord's spells?

Never breaking the kiss, Voldemort started unbuttoning Severus's robes. Some part of his mind was screaming at Snape, that he was again being abused, bound by some sexual spells. He told his mind to shut up. There anyway was not anything he could do about it now.


Professor Dumbledore was humming a melody, when he entered his office. He stopped abrubtly when he saw the intruder sitting in his armchair.

"You really should take more care with your locking spells." The intruder said. "I could break them within seconds."

Dumbledore closely watched the man. He was tall, thin, long black hair, a prominent nose and a sullen look on his face. Yes, he remembered him.

"You always were very talented, Severus." Dumbledore said as if it was not so unusual to suddenly have people sitting in his locked office.

Dumbledore took the boiling tea-pot from the open fire in the chimney. "Want some tea?" he asked, making a mental note to check the locking spells later.

"No, thank you." Snape answered.

"If you're not here to drink a cup of tea with me," Dumbledore said, "why then?"

When Severus looked up, Dumbledore was worried about the desperate look in his black eyes.

"I need help." Severus said with a voice dripping with self-disgust. Dumbledore realised that the proud young man probably had never before asked anyone for help.

The headmaster sat down in an armchair opposite Snape and looked earnestly at him. "What can I do for you?"

Severus looked almost frightened. "I don't really know."

Dumbledore took a sip of his tea and said: "Well, just tell me about your problem and I'll see what I can do for you."

Severus laughed without humour. "My problem is, I'm a Death Eater!"

Dumbledore dropped his cup. Swearing, he wiped the hot drink off his robes. Then he looked at Snape, trying to get back his calm.

"Not just any Death Eater," Severus added, jumping up to nervously pace the room. "I'm the Dark Lord's whore."

This story got worse each second. "Why?" Dumbledore only asked.

"Because I love him!" Severus hissed. "Or at least that's what I thought!"

Dumbledore watched the young man pacing the room like a caged tiger, patiently waiting for him to go on with his story.

Finally Snape said: "But now I realised that he put me under some binding spells. Me, his lover, his favourite!"

"What kind of binding spells?" Dumbledore carefully asked.

"Oh, I don't know, whichever spell he could find!" Severus called. "Spells that would ensure my loyalty, spells that would make me love him, spells that would make me sexually dependant on him!" Snape paused, staring at Dumbledore: "You don't believe a word of what I'm saying!"

Presently, Dumbledore was quickly switching his view on the astral plane; there were only few wizards who could do that without getting into a trance, however, Dumbledore was one of them. Now he clearly could see the leash like robe and the spiderweb threats that held Snape captive.

"Yes, I do believe you." Dumbledore calmly said. "When did that start?"

"In my last year at school." Severus replied. "He seduced me... to try out sexual magic," Snape looked nervously at Dumbledore. The headmaster had to bite back a smile. He did not know one single wizard who had never experimented with sexual magic; no need for Snape to be nervous about that special part of the story.

"I think, that was the first time he put a binding spell on me." Severus added with a frown, as if he was not sure. "I only found out yesterday that he used every single time to install more binding spells on me." His voice full of loathing he added: "Even now I crave him with every fibre of my body."

"Would you have become a Death Eater if he did not put spells on you?" Dumbledore asked.

"No." Severus said. After a second thought he added: "Maybe. I don't know. I never had the chance to decide."

Dumbledore sighed. Love spells were so cruel. To force ones will onto another person by use of magic... That was actually a form of rape. Dumbledore always felt sad when he saw how thoughtless students used love spells, seemingly not knowing how much harm they could cause with it.

But Voldemort was not a naive student who did not think about the consequences.

Severus had stopped pacing the room, just stood there hugging himself. He looked quite pathetic.

"I suppose you're not here to ask me how to cut the leash, because a wizard as powerful as you should know how." Dumbledore said.

"And a wizard as powerful as the Dark Lord will notice if I cut the leash." Severus replied. "And then he will kill me."

Dumbledore slowly nodded. The situation was indeed difficult.

"I want you to kill me." Severus suddenly said.

Dumbledore gasped in disbelief. "What?"

"Kill me before he does!" Severus said, turning to Dumbledore with feverish glowing eyes. "I will tell you all I know about him and his plans, and then you kill me before he has a chance to! That way I will at least have some revenge!"

"But Severus," Dumbledore said, rising to his feet, "there must be another way."

"There isn't." Severus said. "I can't run away, and I don't want to stay with him." His face twisting desperately he corrected. "Well, actually I do want to stay with him."

Dumbledore understood what Snape meant. He felt betrayed and abused by his Lord, and at the same time the spells forced him to want to go back. Any man would despair about that.

Dumbledore put a hand on Snape's shoulder, trying to calm him down. "You want his downfall?"

"Yes, that's why I'm going to tell you all I know." Severus said.

An idea started to form in Dumbledore's mind. "You could do more than that."

Severus looked at him questioningly.

"But it won't be easy." Dumbledore said. "You will have to stay alive for it." Dumbledore gently pushed Severus onto a chair and sat down opposite him. "I can show you how to weaken the leash without actually cutting it. If you do it carefully, he won't notice." Severus frowned doubtfully. "You will go back to him," Severus fearfully shook his head, "and report to me everything you find out. With your help he will be defeated, and you will be free."

Dumbledore could see Severus's mind at work. "I will still be under his spell." He slowly said.

"But it won't affect you as much." Dumbledore replied. With real sympathy he added: "I know, I'm asking much of you..."

Severus slowly nodded. "I'll do it."

Dumbledore wondered, whether it was wise to trust Snape. But there was nothing as reliable as wounded pride.


Severus had not seen his Lord for a couple of days; Voldemort had gone on a travel the day Severus had visited Dumbledore.

The weakening of the leash that Dumbledore had showed him worked quite well; Severus did not crave for his Lord as much anymore. Yet he felt nervous about having to face him now that his Lord had called.

Severus apparated in Voldemort's bedroom. It was dimly lit by candlelight. How romantic, Snape thought sarcastically.

His Lord, sitting in an armchair, slowly raised to his feet when Severus appeared. "I missed you, Darkling." he said when he stepped closer.

Yeah, sure. He had missed fucking him so that he could put more binding spells on him.

Severus wanted to reply something about missing his Lord, too, when he noticed some more changes. Voldemort's skin had always been pale, but now it was almost white, and scaly as a snake's skin.

"What happened?" Severus asked.

Voldemort shrugged. "The price for power. I didn't expect this, but, at least, it makes me immune to all sorts of poisons." Then he smiled and brushed Severus's hair out of his face. "I'm still the same man that I was before, Darkling." he added.

His touch felt cool, but it still sent shivers of lust through Severus's body. Not as strong as before, but...

And His Lord's red eyes were just as mesmerising as before.

Minutes later, Severus found himself tied to the bed, screaming in ecstasy as his Lord used his body.


"Getting lost in the folds of your skirt
There's a price that I pay for my mission
A body in heaven and a mind full of dirt
How I suffer the sweetest condition."
Depeche Mode, The sweetest condition