WARNING: This is a slash story, which means it contains male/male erotic content involving consenting adults. If you're not of legal age or are offended by such material, please go find something else to read.

TITLE: Back Into Hell
BY: Ratwoman
EMAIL: Ratwoman@unicum.de
RATING: NC-17, slash, !rape! warning. This is a very, very, very dark story Mostly inspired by the Depeche Mode song "The Dead of Night". I always thought it was a good soundtrack for the Death Eaters.
PAIRING: Snape/Voldemort, Snape/The Death Eaters
CATEGORY: Drama/Angst
SUMMARY: Following the events of Gof, Snape returns to the Death Eaters and suffers a not-so-nice welcome.
DISCLAIMER:All these people belong to J.K. Rowling. I just borrowed them. They'll probably be glad when I bring them back, because I'm a very sick person.
NOTES: Sequel to "Temptations" and "Devil's pet"

Dumbledore had wished him good luck. He would need it, that much was certain.

Snape had left schoolgrounds and was about to apparate at Voldemort's. He was scared, but Snape was not a man who was held back by fear.

Now, let's see if he would survive the first ten minutes!

Severus apparated at the gates of the churchyard. How deep had they sunk to meet at a cemetery like any Muggle Satanists? Ok, that was probably just for the spell the Dark Lord had used to regain his body, nevertheless it made Severus frown in disgust.

What had it been that had made him a Death Eater 20 years ago? Just the spells?

Hiding his unease, Severus entered the churchyard and walked slowly past the tombstones over to the group he saw standing in the middle of it. The moon bathed the scenery in a ghostly silver night, and as if to make the gothic atmosphere complete, he saw bats flying around.

The group of men noticed him approaching and turned around. One of them, taller and thinner than any normal human being, stepped forward.

"You're late, Darkling!" Voldemort said. The use of the old pet name might be a good sign. Or it might mean that Voldemort was being cynical.

Last was the case; the Dark Lord raised his wand, pointed it at Snape, and called: "Crucio!"

His world exploded in pain; it felt as if every fibre of his body was burning with fire. Snape fell to the ground screaming and writhing. It seemed to last an eternity until the pain stopped.

Severus looked up and saw the Lord approaching, followed by the Death Eaters.

Quick, think of something to say...

"I couldn't apparate earlier!" Severus said. He raised to his knees and looked submissively up to Voldemort. "I can't disapparate from Hogwarts ground, and even if I could, I was in the middle of a crowd, with all the other teachers beside me."

"Oh, yesss," Voldemort hissed. "Lucius told me you are teaching at Hogwarts now. Did you get this job for spying on me?"

"I..." Severus started, but was interrupted by the Lord putting the cruciatus curse on him again.

The pain was as unbearable as before; if Severus was not already on his knees, he would have fallen. As it was, he just doubled up and screamed. "I... didn't... spy... on.. you.." he finally managed to press out.

The pain subsided. "Why did I hear another story, Darkling?" Voldemort spat out the last word like a curse.

Bathed in sweat, Severus looked up, defiantly: "I did the same as everyone else here did; made up some story about being forced to follow you, sold some names... If you want to punish me for it, punish everyone else as well!"

Severus knew he was playing a dangerous game, being so defiant. But he never had been good at begging.

"He has a point." Voldemort said, turning to the group of Death Eaters. "The only faithful ones of my followers are in Azcaban now." Turning his gaze back on Snape, he added: "I just thought my favourite would be a bit more loyal."

"Why, because you put enough binding spells on me?" The words came out before Severus could stop them. Damn anger, he should really, really learn to hold his sharp tongue when upset.

The Death Eaters cowered behind the Dark Lord's back, expecting the devastating consequences of Snape's impertinence. Voldemort just stared at Severus for a few seconds. Then he started laughing. It was a shrill, bloodcurdling laughter, that scared Severus much more than if the Lord had been shouting at him. It made his stomach cringe and his hair stand on end.

"That's what I like about you," Voldemort finally said, "You're brave, if not to say suicidal." After a second, the Dark Lord added: "Crucio!"

The pain came back, reducing Snape to a screaming, writhing something rolling on the ground. Through the haze of agony Severus dimly noticed that Voldemort and the Death Eaters went a few feet away, conferring the situation. Were they discussing whether to kill him or how to kill him?

They did not even need to watch out that he didn't escape. There was no chance of running away while he was lying on the grass, screaming until his voice gave up. Suspended in pain, Severus did not notice the Death Eaters coming back and gathering around him, until the agony suddenly stopped. Still shaken by aftershocks, tears streaking down his cheeks, Severus opened his eyes and stared up into merciless faces.

"Lucius, undress him!" Voldemort, on his left side, ordered.

Lucius Malfoy stepped out of the circle of Death Eaters and crouched down beside Snape. Severus was looking pleadingly at the man he used to consider as a friend, but Lucius avoided to meet his gaze and started opening Severus's robes. Snape was too weak and too scared to object.

The cold, distant faces looking down at him changed into expressions of lechery and ravenousness. Severus swallowed and closed his eyes, wanting to shut them out of his head.

A kick in the side told him better. "Open your eyes, Severus!" the Dark Lord ordered, not willing to spare him the slightest humiliation.

Severus obeyed and focused his gaze on the stars instead of the Death Eaters.

Lucius brushed the now open robes apart and off Severus's shoulders, then shoved down his briefs and took off his boots. Severus felt exposed, vulnerable to them.

Without a word Lucius stood up and stepped back into the circle. With growing fear Severus saw the Dark Lord crouching down beside him, felt spidery long fingers move across his naked chest and pinch a nipple.

"Since you object so much to the spells I used to put you under, I won't use any of them now." The Dark Lord said with a chuckle.

Severus swallowed; Voldemort certainly did not renounce on sexual spells for reasons of mercy. Rather to let him suffer even more.

Severus shivered when he felt a long tongue, split like a snake's tongue, lick along his stomach, moving upwards over his chest to his throat. Almost against his will his gaze flickered away from the stars, over the lecherous faces of the Death Eaters. They were going to stand by and watch all the time... Blood rushed through his cheeks as humiliation washed through him.

"Stop," Severus whispered, his voice hoarse from screaming.

Voldemort ignored him, bit down at the skin of his neck instead, while his hands began to slowly stroke his member. Severus bit his lower lip to hold back a whine. He badly wanted to stand up and run away, but what use would that be? He was surrounded by people, who would not just rather watch him being raped than to gain their Lord's anger, but who would also enjoy it. He knew, he had been one of them.

Still the Lord was stroking his cock. Severus desperately fought his growing erection, but the Dark Lord knew all too well how to touch him to make him come quickly. It was over after a few minutes; Severus felt his semen ejaculate at the same moment he broke out in tears of humiliation.

"See, Darkling," the Dark Lord said, "I don't need to put sexual spells on you." Voldemort watched him crying for a moment, red eyes looking curiously down at him. "Turn around," Voldemort finally ordered. "Hands and knees!"

Severus was almost relieved at this order; that way, he would not have to look at their ravenous faces anymore. He crawled into a sitting position, arms slipping out of the sleeves of his robes, then got on all fours, propping up his head between his hands.

Snape whimpered when he felt Voldemort's hands claw into his buttocks, parting them, long fingers intruding to stretch him. Finally they withdrew and he heard the rustling of Voldemort's robes, when the Dark Lord opened them. There was pain when Voldemort impaled him, moving in an inch further at a time. A pain not nearly as agonising as the Cruicatus curse, but much more humiliating.

Severus closed his eyes and tried in vain to think of other things. Seemingly after an eternity the Dark Lord came with a hiss, soiling him with his semen, and withdrew.

Shaking, Severus sat up, trying to avoid to meet anyone's gaze. He heard the Dark Lord behind him closing his robes, but did not dare to reach for his own until Voldemort allowed him to.

"Lucius, let him suck your cock." The Dark Lord ordered. "Goyle, you take him from behind."

Severus half turned to Voldemort and stared at him with dismay.

"When the two of you are through, I decide who's next." Voldemort said calmly.

"No!" Severus called, clutching Voldemort's robes with his hands. "Please!" he begged. Sometimes not even Snape was too proud to beg.

Voldemort was visibly amused. "If you want me to forgive you, Darkling, you'll have to follow my orders."

With these words he slapped Snape in the face to get his hands off his robes.

Holding his bleeding nose, Severus felt Lucius gripping his hair and pulling him closer. At the same time Goyle was taking hold of his hips before slamming in. Severus's scream was muffled by Lucius's cock in his mouth.

And so it began.


"When delirious fun
Has seriously begun
You'll be down on your knees
You'll be begging us please"
Depeche Mode, The Dead of Night