WARNING: This is a slash story, which means it contains male/male erotic content involving consenting adults. If you're not of legal age or are offended by such material, please go find something else to read.

TITLE: Another Ode to Gilderoy
BY: Cel
EMAIL: sibeliussnape@yahoo.fr
PAIRING: Snape/Lockhart
CATEGORY: Humor/Parody
SUMMARY: A Snape/Lockhart slash poem.
DISCLAIMER: All Harry Potter related characters and concepts are copyrighted by JKR and Warner Brothers; this is for non-profit, entertainment purposes only.

Oh one simple poem oh yes I did write
In the bleak and black
Of 2 AM last night,

Writing reports, I felt the need to flake
So badly wanting a break
Some time to check my email I did take

A success, a sale!
Now Lyle wants to see some blackmail,
So off I go with his cute lil plotbunny tail!


Our Gilderoy, the boy is back
Sent off last night with a resounding smack
It echoed through the dungeon just like a whip-crack

Something quite evil dear did Sevvie say
Before our hero's efforts so rudely repay'd
"First who should I tell that their Gildy is gay?"

With a maniacal cackle and a smirk simply sick
He said "Dear Gildy, now you'd best think quite quick
Elsewise I'll see that this nasty rumour does stick."

Such a lady's man, our dear Gilderoy
Can't have it out that he likes little boys
Disappointed women just make too much noise!

Of Sevvie now Gildy was terrible 'fraid,
"I'll do anything you like, but just for one day!"
He's in for it now, poor Gildy, oy vey!

Down to his knees dear Gildy did drop,
With a much resounding disgraceful-like flop,
And with his tongue, Sevvie's dungeons did mop.

From this Sevvie did have quite a laugh
He found it so hard not to tell the whole staff,
Perhaps they should pay Gildy time-and-a-half!

Ah but alas the day was now over,
He said "Yes you're through but moreover,
You're so cute, think I'll call you Lil' Rover"

Alas dear Gildy, oh what can you say?
You're now Sevvie's bitch, even if it's cliche
Maybe he'll forgive you, yeah maybe, someday.

Oh Gilderoy, he's too much man for you
You're toast now Gildy, Sev's got it in for you
I think you've bit off more than you could, er, chew.